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  happy life I am a princess, do something arbitrary, Who can understand it in my
  night we all went to sleep, into the sweet dreams, and this time, I was troubled
because of the bound Luo, learning, quarrel with family, classmates fall apart, but at
night I think, repeatedly these things, sometimes I think these things will dream
dreams at night. Worry- free document
  I was a average student in the class, learning is not very good, especially in
mathematics, no matter how hard I am, no matter how hard I am, I can not get good
results I Is it also fate? Each math teacher in a small test, although I revealed in the
appearance of a kind of feeling seems to not care, when in fact my heart is chaotic,
and this is it heart disease it? I have recently and at the same table for her fall apart,
because I hated her on her efforts to get a kind of strength, so I hate her, and my
character is very lonely, I do not have a few friends, because they not and to my liking,
but I will do our best to get rid of this wrong, to accept them.
  family quarrel, hey! This I regret, I should not do so because their parents worked
hard not easy for me to earn some money had to go to school, I remember my father
when I was little, Dad would go out injections, time is winter, the north wind was
blowing kick into gear, riding a motorbike father every day, very hard, but someone's
home is not something a child, my father had to let me have, no matter how much my
father would give me flowers I watched him every day busy figure, I am sad, but I
grew up immigration, but also quarrel with my father, I was not 10 000, while the
motorbike is also associated with father's age increases. Worry- free document
  people have asked me you have no ideals, I said: "No," Actually, I have been quietly
in the pursuit of its psychological, my ideal, the pursuit of my goal.
  adolescent troubles are many, and the boys discuss the issue in time, or time together,
learning time, or time to speak with, or care about each other, what other students
would say as early as Love ah! This is because the heart is not normal people would
think so, the back talk, I do not understand why they think so?
  worry too much adolescent, infinite in number, but in these troubled, the most
troubling is that I have difficulties in learning. I will continue the efforts to overcome
these difficulties. To achieve my ideal goal.

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