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					A touching love story touching love story

 touching love story boys and girls,

 a touching love story

 touching love story

 first love when boys and girls, boys, girls and folded 1000 paper cranes hanging in
the girls room. Boys, girls, this 1000 paper cranes, a thousand copies on behalf of my

 that time, both boys and girls and obviously feeling the love of sweet and well-being.

 girl was gradually alienated boy. Girls get married, went to France, to appear in her
numerous dreams of Paris. Girls and boys to break up, boys, we have to face reality,
marriage is the second time a woman reborn, I must grab every opportunity that you
are too poor, I can not imagine our days together ... ... boy girl went to France, sold
newspapers, worked as temporary workers, did a small business, every job he has to
do. Many years later, with the help of friends and his own efforts, he finally had his
own company. He has the money, but his heart is still obsessed girl.

 rainy day, the boy from his car and saw a black Audi in front of the elderly slowly.
Boy recognized it was the girl's parents, so the boy decided to follow them. He let
them know that not only have their own car, the company also owns a villa and let
them know he is not a pauper, he is young boss. Slow to follow their boys the way up.
Rain kept underground, and though this is old Da Zhuosan, but still be inclined to get
wet. To the destination, the boy spent, this is a cemetery. He saw the girl, tombstone
of porcelain figurines in the girl opposite him Tiantiandexiao. The small tomb next to
the thin wire hanging from a string of paper cranes, in the rain seem so vivid.

 girl's parents told the boys, girls did not go to Paris, the girl is suffering from cancer,
the girl went to heaven. Girls want boys to excel, to have a warm home, so the girls
only make this move. She said she know the boy that he will succeed. Girl said that if
one day the boy to the cemetery to see her, please bring a few paper cranes in any case.
Boys kneel to, kneeling on the girl's grave, tears. Ching Ming Festival, rain do not
know the stop, the boys had a poured through. Many years ago, the boy remembered
the smiling faces of the innocent girl, the boy began to see the heart drops down

 This is a time when the elderly out of the cemetery and saw the boy standing nearby,
Audi's door has been opened for the elderly. Car audio, came a plaintive voice, "My
heart, do not regret it, and repeatedly are for you, Process Overview, thousands of
copies of love, flying in the wind ... ..."
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