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 monster of a villain mermaid

 a little mermaid,

  little mermaid, Xingyi, Guizhou, No. 1 middle schools (3) Ban Mao yu
  was seen in a book like this: I have been looking for the legendary mermaid. I met a
little monster, it took me to the seashore, but told me to get near mermaid. In a strange
afternoon, I saw two beautiful mermaid is waving at me in the little monster. So I
went to the women, all of a sudden, they become a sea monster, biting me. Finally, the
little monster to me, and it lay in my arms and died. In fact, it is a real mermaid.

 While this is a fictional story, made me very popular touch.

 true world, there are too many, too many illusions. When you indulge in some kind
of idea into, you will feel happy, but you have to break this image and found that it is
only a dream, you may be suffering. Like the story of the authors, treatment of real
mermaid, do not know how to cherish the past, to lose, know regret. Close the door
and silently count the tears. Thanks will take to open, grass will dry up and then green,
Kariko go will come back. The human life is gone for. Therefore, we should live
happily among a Lifetime, a clear conscience. In life, we never count on luck, we can
not count on lucky, because even if you as lucky and were successful, that would only
spare the privilege of speaking, the days, if you have been stagnant, not to be
improving and innovating , you can only ever be the losers.

  childhood, I had many good wishes, wonderful fantasy. But all in all, as time goes by,
like a one colorful soap bubble disappeared. Now, I completely live in reality, the
main task is to every day: learning. In my view, this kind of life is very fulfilling.

 little mermaid is dead, the prince was happy living, the little mermaid is "oblige" it?
Totally not the beginning, it selected the wrong, at the end, only reluctantly had.

 I think I would like to do a little mermaid, swimming in the ocean, to the world, the
motherland and contribute to the little mermaid.

 a real little mermaid!

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