A lonely girl lonely eyes by fdjerue7eeu


									The eyes of a lonely girl lonely

 lonely girl who eyes

 a lonely girl, who always exudes a resentment of the girl, a shine eye girl cold ... ...
 walk on the street, she will not consider other people staring at the front, ignoring the
existence of others, the kind of powerful and cold eyes swept everyone's side ... ... she
does not the behavior of any one person will respond to everyone far avoided her like
the plague in hiding. Indeed, the cold suffocating her, has come to that, she will
become the sun around the moon level. She walked in the street signs will have a cold,
the leaves will be falling piece by piece, the whole street is lifeless ... ...
 My friend said that she seems never to have had a trace of a smile. The only day she
can do is sit on the balcony, watching the gloomy weather outside, because the views
of the sun do not want her fear of being frozen into the ice ... ...
 I think you definitely Heart question: She is the original that so?
 is not. Perhaps more than anyone else she had lively, cheerful, but ... ...
 in a blooming season of spring, just a blade of grass sprouted new leaves, the earth
just a face-lift of the season. The street, people are filled with happy smile, her and her
parents walk in on a busy city. Maybe, but that 一眨眼的工夫, that she never lost the
joy, happiness lost forever ... ... commotion in her mind buzzing, cries over and over
again passed her brain ... ... struggling to open their eyes to a few people walk around
in white clothes, but closed it again. Perhaps this is her last happy memory of ... ...
one, two, three days ... ... one week, two weeks, three weeks ... ... she did not wake up,
the doctor also concluded: "She But perhaps no longer wake up to the ... ...
"Unfortunately, the expression of his face that is difficult to accept. Upon hearing the
sad news, her mother fainted on the spot, heart attack, no longer a serious blow
up ... ... can not stand the
 father, also went along with her mother.
 miracle occurred, however, after about three months, she miraculously woke up,
something that makes all surprised, are overjoyed to. This is the first case that the
hospital, the doctors, this is such a big accident Ah! However, she could not remember
how the original thing, no matter what the doctors tried every way, does not help.
 From then on, she became cold, she did not accept her love for others, not to love
someone ... ...
 She does not like fun, so not many people know her.
 few years ago, it was the last time I see her. An old large trees, she looked so
emaciated, they experienced what may be unfortunate, long time no see her, she did
not remember me, disheveled hair, her thin face was covered, and deep seared dark
circles around the eyes, but the chill remained unabated, it seems more cold, more
aggressive. I go say hello to her, she is just like a did not see, just look at the corner of
my votes, and then remain silent. I thought she would not talk to me, they go.
 "Long time no see, how are things? "
 I never expected that her voice is so weak, small: the most important, her first sent
greetings to the others, the phrase" How are you? "Is her escape from death in the
hands of the first sound of love, the last time ... ...
" I fine. However, you ... ... "
  She spilled a contemptuous smile," Thank you for your concern, I'm fine, soon I will
Yes, I'm going, bye. "She will not be the first to go, watched her disappear into the
mist until ... ... I can only silently talking about the" pray, worship, worship ... ... "
  from After that, I have never met her, maybe she went to another city, perhaps, she
went looking for their parents, and they get together ... ...
, but anyway, have asked us to bless her forever , happiness, peace / center>

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