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					A construction worker, a construction worker

, a construction worker father hated

 construction worker, a construction worker
 Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province Fu Zhen Middle School eighth-grade Zhou Lihui

 "There is only a good mother, a mother of the child is like a treasure ... ..." I believe
we are very familiar with this song, maternal love is great, with mother's love is
happiness of. Right? At the same time, you have thought about father? Have a mind is
his father's songs?
 I know, maybe you have hated your father, hate he gave you a poor family; hatred he
gave you a stupid head; hate him to an ordinary appearance of your ... ... so many
Where there is hatred love space? Is the world Which parent does not love their
 has a love for each parent, let alone their children, and others concerned about the
children they will go, because as a child ah. In my life may be too fatherly large
proportion of maternal love, but they gave me all the same love ah. Yes, here I can tell
you firmly believe that, in my mind, I love my mother, because I always believed that
mother love me more than the father, but did not think I was wrong, my father loved
me the same way, only a serious look blocked to live his charitable heart.
 My father is a construction worker, ordinary, he engaged in ordinary business, but
his love for us is great.
 before, I thought my father a bit unreasonable, but I have thought it? My father is so
busy, and sometimes he works so good, not good enough just to catch up time, but he
had forgotten to better this time is dinner time!
 I love my dad, he is not only a good construction worker or a competent husband,
son and father!

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