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					Work plan for schools, school work plan

 work plan for the quality of education schools, the work of

 school plan

  guiding principle of our school education should take Deng Xiaoping Theory and
"Three Represents" as guidance, to study and implement the spirit of the main line
National Congress Party in order to achieve the "double high- year Compulsory
Education", "10 matching" focus, push forward the curriculum reform, a
comprehensive promote quality education, strive to improve the quality of educat ion
for the school into a first-class education quality, rich individual, full of vigor and
vitality of the school to work. To make a contribution to the well-off society.
  second objective of
  1. Increased teaching and research efforts to ensure the "Cur riculum Reform" work
to a new level to promote and comprehensively improve the quality of education.
  2. Around the "double high compulsory education," improving the data, lists card.
  3. Grasping characteristics, the boutique, on the steps. Grasp the characteristic of the
Young Pioneers, the team changed with the combination of curriculum reform, and
promote the sustainable development of the work of the Young Pioneers. In education,
scientific research, routine administration, moral education, the quality of education
of quality, on the steps.
  4, the term meeting the "10 supporting" standards, striving for advanced teaching
and research units; increasing investment in education, optimize teaching equipment,
landscaping green campus environment. Create a new image after the Po primary
  three main areas of work and measures to
  (1), with educational research to guide and promote the quality of education overall
  to focus on teaching and research effectiveness. First, we must clear the goal of
Education and Research. Municipal schools, the research must be clear objectives and
content, the characteristics for the school to establish the actual work of teachers is
closely related with the sub-topics, increasing the relevance of educational research;
the practical implementation of teaching methods, learning methods and debates, a
large study big experiment. The second is to increase the capacity of teachers and
level of education and scientific research. Through seminars, and other forms of
reading activities to strengthen teaching and research work of teachers in guidance
and training. Third, schools should be based on the actual conduct of targeted,
effective and of educational research. The formation of a strong teaching and research
in the school environment, and through education and scientific research, encourage
teachers to transform education concepts, optimize methods and processes to improve
quality and efficiency of education, advanced teaching and research into the ranks of
the town.
  to UNESCO to be effective. Through education and scientific research to effectively
improve the quality of education. First, the quality of education is necessary to fully
complete the targets. Efforts to improve student pass rates and excellent general rate.
The second is to strengthen the body, art, labor and technology education. Enhance
physical and health education. Scientific, standardized to organize classroom teaching,
the school should be well-trained team and track team; to strengthen arts ed ucation
(music, art) improve their artistic accomplishment. Strengthen labor and technology
education. Available resources according to the school to carry out creative labor and
technology education; to take advantage of the rich community resources, ther e are
plans to carry out a variety of integrated social practice, improve their ability in
practice. Third, we must strengthen education in English and information technology.
In strengthening basic knowledge of English teaching, to effectively improve the
efficiency and Oral English Class English usage. Strengthen information technology
  must actively work to create good art teaching and research. A well-designed layout
of the classroom to make the classroom a place full display student talent. Second, we
must carefully design the process and methods of teaching, so that every student can
fully participate in classroom instruction and free play. Third, we must carefully do
the "five serious" work, do meticulous. We must prepare lesson plans lesson planning,
but also prepare courseware, but also to prepare students, course content can not
speak of the firm do not speak, can speak can not speak of as little as possible about
as much as possible for students to talk; operation coordinated with subject teachers
Limiting the total amount; correcting student work to be carefully and be creative;
guidance to reflect the personality, to place; examinations should be concise, living
and communication, focus and routinely. The fourth is to carefully organize all kinds
of routine activities, and should feature. Fifth, various types of data preparation
should be sufficient to pay attention to the accumulation of raw data.
  (b) to focus on the Curriculum Reform, Educational Reformation
  1, make changes in classroom teaching, improve teaching quality is the key to
improve the effectiveness of the classroom 40 minutes, classroom teaching and
changes in science curriculum reform of basic education is the main direction.
Implement school-based teaching and research, well, "the new curriculum teaching
and research", which organized lectures, observation and evaluation activities, do a
good job teaching reflection; of classroom teaching evaluation program. Urged to
change the way classroom teachers to lead students to change the way;
  2, do a good job of teachers to improve literacy, the implementation of curriculum
reform, teacher quality is the key, through the study, and training focus on improving
the Scientific Research and theoretical knowledge of teachers and professional
accomplishment, and always to improve the quality of teachers of basic education
curriculum reform as the focus of experimental work clutching hard.
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