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 registered asset appraisal report
 Chapter I General Provisions Article I to regulate the establishment and issue a
certified asset evaluation report, and maintain social and public interests and assets
assessment legal rights of the parties under the "asset assessment guidelines - basic
principles", to develop the guidelines. The second assessment report referred to the
guidelines is to mean a registered valuer of the requirements under the assets
assessment criteria, assessment procedures necessary in the performance of Hou, the
assessment of object in the assessment of specific purpose base date of publication of
Xia's value, issued by their assessment of Jigou written professional advice. The
implementation of Article certified asset property assessment services, preparation
and assessment report issued shall comply with the guidelines. Implementation of
Article IV certified public valuers estimate the value of other business-related, value
analysis report issued or other professional advice, can refer to the guidelines. The
second basic requirement of Article V of Chapter Certified Public Valuer should be
clear and accurate assessment of the report stated, shall not use misleading statements.
Article certified asset evaluation report should provide the necessary information to
make a reasonable assessment of users to understand the assessment. The
implementation of Article VII of certified asset property assessment services, can
assess the complexity of the object, the client request, a reasonable assessment report
to determine the level of detail. Article VIII of the implementation of asset valuation
business registered valuer to assess the program is limited and can not be ruled out, in
consultation with the commission still issued after the assessment report, should be
described in the assessment of the situation assessment process is limited and its
impact on the assessment findings and a clear assessment of the use restrictions.
Article assessment report should be signed by two or more registered valuer and
stamp stamped by the rating agencies. Limited liability company's legal representative
system of rating agencies assess the agency or partnership business partner of the
assessment in the assessment report should be signed. Article assessment report
should be written in Chinese. Foreign language needs assessment report issued at the
same time, the Chinese assessment report shall prevail. Assessment generally
measured in RMB currency, measured using other currencies, the currency should be
indicated with the RMB exchange rate. Article assessment report should be a clear
assessment of the use period. Typically, only when the base date of assessment and
the economic behavior and realize no more than one year apart, before they can use
the assessment report. Chapter III Assessment Report Assessment Report of the
contents of Article XII shall include the following main elements: (a) the title and
document number; (b) statement; (3) Summary; (d) the body; (5) Annex. Statement of
Article XIII of the evaluation report should include the following: (a) abide by an
independent certified public valuers, objective and impartial manner, follow the
relevant laws, regulations, provisions and asset assessment criteria, and undertake
corresponding responsibilities; (b) to remind Users concerned about the assessment
report evaluation report instructions and use restrictions on specific issues; (c) other
contents of the statement. Article XIV Executive Summary should provide key
information and assess the operational conclusions of the assessment. Article XV
assessment body of the report shall include: (a) Client shall, property rights holders
and the Client other than the assessment of users; (b) assessment purposes; (c)
assessment and evaluation of the scope of the object; (d) the types of value and their
definitions; (e) assessment of the base date; (6) assessment basis; (7) assessment; (8)
assessment procedures and conditions of the implementation process; (9) assessment
of assumptions; (10) evaluation findings; (11) Special issues statement; (12)
evaluation report using the restricted notes; (13) assessment of the reporting date; (14)
signed and sealed by registered valuer to assess the institutional seal and signature of
the legal representative or partner. Article XVI assessment report commissioned by
the user, including parties, business conventions and other agreed assessment book
users and state laws and regulations of the assessment of the user. Article XVII
assessment report sets out the purpose of assessment should be the only, interpretation
should be made clear, clear. Article XVIII evaluation report shall specify the scope of
assessment and evaluation of objects and object-specific description of the basic
assessment of the situation, often including the legal ownership status, economic
status and physical condition. Article XIX assessment of the value type and its
definition should be clear and explain the reasons for select value type. Diershitiao
assessment report shall include the assessment of baseline, and the engagement letter
agreement with the base date of the assessment of consistency. Evaluation report
should indicate when the selected base date assessment of key factors to be
considered. Base date of assessment can now point in time, it can be past or future
point in time. Twenty-one evaluation report should indicate the legal basis for
assessing compliance, guidelines based on ownership basis and take price and basis.
Article 2 evaluation report should indicate the chosen assessment methods and the
reasons. Article 3 evaluation report should indicate the process of site assessment
procedures for the implementation of surveys, data collection and analysis, evaluation
and estimating the main content. Article 4 evaluation report should assess the
assumption that disclosure of its impact on the assessment findings. Twenty-five
registered valuer in the assessment report should be in words and figures and explains
how to form clear conclusions. Conclusions should be determined is usually assessed
value. Communicate with the commission to assess the results can be expressed using
the interval values. Article 6 assessment report of the special issues instructions
usually include the following: (1) property defects; (b) of the outstanding issues, legal
disputes and other uncertainties; (c) significant subsequent events; (d) Without
prejudice to the assets the basic requirements of the situation assessment criteria, the
use of different asset valuation procedures and methods required by the guidelines.
Registered valuer should state specific issues may impact on the assessment findings
and to highlight the assessment of user attention.第二 17 assessment report shows the
use of restrictions usually include the following: (a) assessment report can only be
used to assess the report sets out the purpose and use of the assessment; (b)
Assessment Report Assessment Report contained only by the use of assessment to use;
(c) without obtaining permission from the evaluation report issued by rating agencies
agreed to assess the contents of the report may not be excerpt, quoted or disclosed to
the public media, laws, regulations and related parties, except as otherwise agreed; (4 )
assessment report of the use period; (e) the assessment process is limited assessment
caused by the use of restrictions.第二 assessment report contained 18 assessment
reports are usually a registered valuer on a final date for professional advice.第二
Assessment Report 19 Annex typically include: (a) assess the ownership of objects
involved in a major supporting information; (b) of the principal and related parties of
the commitment letters; (c) assessment of intelligence agencies and signed by
registered valuer , qualification certificates; (d) assess the object list of assets or the
assets related to the matrix. Chapter IV Supplementary Provisions Article 10 of the
guidelines      since     July      1,      2008      shall     come        into     force.
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