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 feeling "induced"

 feeling "induced"
 - The message caused by the graduation The story
 Ai Bing

  one of two things will often produce different results, both the results and also
reflects different views on certain things. Especially in the daily work, the students
every day, you may be some unexpected things, and some make you bad, and some
make you do nothing, and some make you hesitate, some make you extremely angry,
by the this into a very troubled situation. Faced with these trivial things messy, as a
teacher must have a clear head, to education as the center for all the interest from the
students think, take a realistic approach, through the lure of good heart, to understand,
analyze and solve these problems so that the students enjoy themselves in a certain
prestige, trust and affection by students, so work up until your heart is a student and
you pledge allegiance, but also to reassure parents. On the contrary when we come
across a simple, crude, or blindly to stop, stifle student enthusiasm and interest in its
work will be very passive, lack of support for students, so the teacher will keep a
respectful distance.
  1, find the problem.
  temporary school in the eve, I leave each class has emerged in the message for the
wind, almost every student staff a very fine Classmates, a class some people have
been busy looking for their students better message After school is a group of three,
five gang written to each other, as if a message has become the day's most important
thing. Some even put aside work indifferent, but then write "Classmates" very focused,
very much into. More people angry is a math class, students actually the "Classmates"
out to the public to write, the teacher found out and paid the several. When I attempt
to remove the watch, really enlightened, looked surprised, and some message for a
very unhealthy, is quite low, vulgar, some words unsightly, very dirty. Most people
seem unexpected is usually very honest, and part and is very healthy in my mind,
moral character of students, it has also written a number of their age, experience does
not match the language. Graduation is at a very critical time period, there has been
this surprised and angry behavior, as a class teacher, I felt the seriousness of the
problem, we must take immediate measures to stop this unhealthy, adjustment of
children mentality, correct their thinking, and do everything the last review, so I had
second step.
  2, education, help.
  Young Pioneer activities, I specifically use a time around the "message for What?"
"The message for the role?" "How to write a message for?" To discuss these issues,
students were very lively discussion, we express their views, have voiced their views
on these issues and understanding of a few, especially those in the "Classmates"
people on the scrawl, listening to their speeches, was very ashamed of themselves to
the office after school to admit its mistake to the teacher We all understand that to
other people to leave message for good wishes and sincere hope to encourage others
forge ahead, to arouse confidence, it is of far-reaching significance, memorable,
makes memorable language. So I would strike while the iron is hot, and after school I
am interested in the assignments, let each student work at home and wrote this
sentence do you think is better 5-10 The message, to see who will use their brains, the
best written.
  The next day, I took advantage of the time North Korea will allow their students to
write in the office to read out the message for them, we enthusiastically raised their
hands, rushed, to say a lot of good message for what "Good Auld Lang Syne" "I wish
to learn to progress, promising," "Let us create a better future," "I wish you admitted
to key school" and so on, some students were also different according to the same
hobby, write a message for the appropriate, such as my class Wang Yafei students like
to dance, her "Classmates" The message is on the left: "I wish you would become a
famous dancer" and "you dance, unforgettable," "hope you dance more dance better"
etc., on the love of mathematics Tang Yingjie students gave him a "wish you become
a second Chen Jingrun" or "our future mathematicians - Tang Yingjie" love playing
soccer on Deng Fei, Li Kunpeng, Ren King and other students of you, we wish them
the near future, become the defender and the "Greek skills improve, for our move out
to Asia to make contributions to the world," "hope you become in the future, the
Asian Footballer of the Year" and so on. Children read these heartfelt and sincere
wishes that message for a document neat, and I was very excited and also very
pleased that the kids how pure, lovely, ah, as long as we patiently induction, pour love
and passion to help them , will be effective, the problem will be solved.
  3, a satisfactory solution.
  In order to meet the aspirations of students to enable them to live a life of six years
of primary school, another unforgettable memory I and Class leaders have discussed
and unanimously decided that an increase in the graduating class at each signed
message for the graduates content, students are very happy after that, they did not
think the teacher will write special message for the arrangements, so some students to
re-buy a new "Classmates" to prepare some students to seal up the contents of the
original scrawl , re-write, some students may just put an unhealthy message for tear,
seriously consider, how to write. Final year will be at the beginning of the day, we are
highly enthusiastic message for all actively involved in writing, and some also take
the initiative to "Classmates" showed my teacher to see, and let the teacher left them
with good wishes, and some students also wrote an interesting , humorous, message
for people laugh, full of laughter, we immersed in the immense joy. From this incident,
I felt the benefits of patient-induced, tasted the sweetness of it, inspired me to work in
the future, everything should be good guidance, patience, guidance, and more interest
for students to think, not only when their teachers , but also for their close friends.
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