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									Statistics Examinations - Accounts Statistics National Accounts Review Problems

 statistical examination national accounts
 one, single answer (Paper 1 min, 16 min)
 1, in the national accounts, the division of domestic economic activity and foreign
economic activities is the basis for accounting ()
 A. Household and corporate units
 B. For-profit establishments and non-profit establishments,
 C. Resident institutional units and non-resident institutional units
 D. Basic units and industrial sectors
 2, National Accounts at the manufacturing stage (I) to reflect the final results of the
national economy.
 B. GDP,
 C. National primary income
 D. National disposable income
 3, calculated on the total industrial sector output, usually ()
 A. Factories Act
 B. Products Act
 C. Production method
 D. Distribution Method
 4, calculated expenditure of gross domestic product formula for ()
 A. GDP = Σ total output of all industry sectors - the industrial sector intermediate
 B. GDP = Σ agencies and departments of the total output - intermediate consumption
of all institutional sectors
 C. GDP = Σ each industry sector workers in each industry sector remuneration +
depreciation of fixed assets + Σ net taxes on production of various industrial sectors of
all industries operating surplus +
 D. GDP = total consumption + investment + net exports
 5, the input-output table reflects the quadrant I, ()
 A. The industrial sector technical and economic links between the
 B. The composition of the added value of
 C. Redistribution relationship
 D. Size and structure of the final product
 6, complete consumption coefficient ()
 A. All the direct consumption coefficient of algebra and
 B. Algebra of all indirect consumption coefficient and
 C. Direct consumption coefficient and the round of indirect consumption coefficient
algebra and
 D. Direct consumption coefficient and the product of all the indirect consumption
coefficient and
 7, the following should not be included in household consumption expenditure is ()
 A. Buy a car
 B. Interior Products
 C. Buy celebrity pictures and
 D. Virtual Private housing rent expenditure
 8, capital transfers ()
 A. Only cash transfers
 B. Only kind transfers
 C. Either cash transfers, it can be in-kind transfers
 D. Household sector can be cash transfers, government departments can only be
in-kind transfers
 9, investment rate of the general non-financial investment and () ratio.
 B. GDP,
 C. National primary income
 D. National disposable income
 10, the following does not belong to fixed assets is ()
 A. Bridge
 B. Transport equipment
 C. Breeding stock
 D. Value of less than 200 tools

 11, the following means there is no corresponding financial liabilities, is ()
 A. Monetary gold and SDRs
 B. Currency and deposits
 C. Stock and other property
 D. Insurance Reserve
 12, the national balance sheet reflects the national economy or the sector ()
 A. Certain period of time have the status of various types of assets and liabilities
 B. A certain point in time have the status of various types of assets and liabilities
 C. Reflect a country's goods and services a certain period of the source and use
 D. Reflect a country's balance of payments in a given period of foreign economic
 13, a foreign enterprise in China in July this year, created a subsidiary, then the
resident units of China at the end when the number of statistics, ()
 A . Should include the subsidiaries
 B. Should not include this unit
 C. May include or not include the
 D. Can not determine the
 14, national accounts were used to produce short-term method, the expenditure
approach and income method ()
 A. GDP,
 C. National primary income
 D. National disposable income
 15, and a regional social and economic activities more closely linked target
population is ()
 A. Population
 B. Resident population
 C. Current population
 D. Number of births,
 16, Laspeyres volume index is based on () weighted
 A. Base price
 B. Based on the number of
 C. Report of Price
 D. Report of the number of
 2, multiple choice (2 points each question, a total of 14 points)
 1, the main price national accounts using the form ()
 A. Factor price
 B. Base price
 C. Producer prices
 D. Purchaser price
 E. Exchange price
 2, the added value of industry sector accounting method is to ()
 A. Factories Act
 B. Products Act
 C. Production method
 D. Distribution method
 E. Expenditure Approach
 3, They include ()
 A. Revenue Law
 B. Social security and social welfare
 C. Other current transfers
 D. Operating profit
 E. Production of goods and services consumed
 4, the production assets classified as ()
 A. Fixed assets
 B. Inventories
 C. Valuables
 D. Financial assets
 E. Land
 5, the following assets, financial assets belonging to a ()
 A. Commercial credit
 B. Computer Software Development
 C. Insurance technical reserves
 D. Monetary gold and SDRs
 E. Accounts Payable
 6, the stock of national assets and liabilities, including accounting ()
 A. Tangible assets and liabilities
 B. Financial assets and liabilities
 C. Other assets and liabilities
 D. Changes in assets and liabilities
 E. At first, the end of the balance sheet
 7, to reflect changes in the amount of natural population indicators ()
 A. Resident population
 B. Current population
 C. Number of births,
 D. Number of deaths
 E. Natural population increase in the number of
 3, Glossary (3 points each term, a total of 12 points)
 1, increase the value of
 2, income distribution,
 3, financial assets,
 4, the social worker
 4, short answer questions (8 points each question, a total of 24 points)
 1, What is the purpose of national accounts?
 2, what is intermediate consumption? Consumption of fixed assets which it's the
 3, what is the capital transfers? Capital transfers include?
 5, calculation problems (to write the formula, the calculation results to retain two
decimal places. 1 title with 18 points, 16 points Question 2)
 1, known in China in 1997 the funds of non-financial corporate sector flow meter
data, increase the value of 4.462872 trillion yuan, workers compensation expenses
1.784476 trillion yuan, 972.846 billion yuan of production, net of tax, property
income of 228.272 billion yuan, 651.783 billion yuan of property income and
expenditure, expenditure of 286.133 billion yuan of current transfers, current transfers
income 321.8 billion, net income of 212.799 billion yuan in capital transfers, gross
capital formation 2.145847 trillion yuan.
 (1) calculate the total non-financial corporate sector savings
 (2) Calculation of non-financial corporate sector net financial investment.
 (3) calculation based on known data and all data, the preparation of non-financial
corporate sector financial flows accounts.
 2, 2002, in an area known to the following statistics:
 (1) the total output of 2.8 trillion yuan;
 (2) Final consumption of 1.4 trillion yuan, 1.18 trillion yuan of which the consumer,
Public consumption 2
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