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 Perspective - emotion - behavioral
 - "Training primary responsibility," the practice of primary education in the high
segment Pattern Mahone

  I. Introduction
  According to psychological research that: either moral character contains a certain
amount of moral awareness, moral emotion, moral conduct some basic psychological
components. The moral quality of primary school children, mainly in the family, the
school's moral education and the impact of public opinion and under the influence of
fashion, with the people around and things happen gradually developed interaction.
  sense of responsibility is a sign of modern man, "Training students in the sense of
responsibility" to seize the moral "core" is a high level of moral education. Because:
from the viewpoint of social development and the construction of the motherland,
need a sense of responsibility education; from the actual situation of the current view
of the students need a sense of responsibility education; view from our educational
goals, our students a sense of responsibility is the goal of education, patriotism outline,
personnel training implementation of the objectives; from the actual work to see my
school education, responsibility, quality education, school education and my target is
consistent with the creation of education complement each other.
  moral education work in practice, the high school section, I tried the "know -
emotions - behavior" practice mode, and achieved some results. Feeling a sense of
awareness of behavioral
  second thoughts.
  1, to raise awareness - a sense of responsibility sense of purpose.
  refers to individual moral awareness and operational effectiveness of social norms,
understanding, and formed the basis of personal political, ideological, moral views,
ideas, and the corresponding ability to judge, it is both the moral emotions, moral
consciousness, a necessary condition for the formation of moral beliefs, moral
behavior is the precursor. To foster a sense of responsibility pupils, very important
that primary responsibility for awareness, strengthen their sense of awareness.
  2, induced emotions - a sense of responsibility within the solution of the problem.
  moral feeling and moral development as an integral part of the gradually developed.
Children with proper moral understanding does not mean that will accept it
immediately, and automatically put into action, there is also a recognition that they are
willing to question and put into action. Only by understanding and active emotional
combination will form the correct behavior and attitude, so that moral knowledge can
be internalized. To train students with a high sense of responsibility, a very important
thing is to solve the problem of its internalization to induce emotions as the media,
such as knowledge and behavior of erecting a bridge.
  3, guiding behavior - the key issue of the formation of a sense of responsibility.
  moral behavior and develop gradually, and without any effort and external oversight
will automatically achieve the behavior, its cultivation is an important indicator for
the formation of character, saying: "Learning and sex into "," virtue consists in being
present in good habits. " Many educators also stressed that education is to cultivate
good habits students, so the key to cultivating students a sense of responsibility, or to
raise awareness, guidance on the basis of induced emotional behavior of students
within the sense of responsibility into their demands after the and then outside into
their own moral conduct.
  4, the above three is the cycle of a whole.
  as Tao Xingzhi's "line is the beginning of knowledge, knowledge is the line of a"
point of view, in the process of children's moral development, as children grow older,
rich knowledge and experience, intellectual development and higher level of
awareness of moral, we cultivate a sense of responsibility, especially primary
education, high section of the course, attention should be paid from such a holistic
perspective to consider. (Such as former Chart)
  three practices.
  to follow the principle of the unity of knowing, by understanding - emotional -
behavioral models of educational practice, we in the education process to teach
students to "always consider the consequences" as a breakthrough experiment,
focusing on study of "educational practice activities based "approach to getting a real
sense of education settled to" guide line "above. This semester is the first phase of
experiments, focusing on from the "responsibility to raise awareness and stimulate
emotional resonance" grab.
  1, the blood of the fact that the children are awakened.
  primary school students in today's new society, long in the reform, the vitality of the
flourishing, in a pioneering spirit, their experience is smooth and happy life is not
easy for them to produce deep-level thinking. Experiment at the beginning, through
thoroughly, and we feel the lack of enthusiasm for the students a sense of
responsibility issue, not enough attention. So I use Team in time to elaborate such a
discussion. First, I recommended to the students, "who led him to not return? "Such a
story. The story is about a Pan Jinhai childhood bullying, rogue, although many were
captured, but there are parents escort, and finally sentenced to death, just before
execution mother before the bite off the ears. The blood of the lesson. So, who is led
him to not return it? Intense discussions began, the students invariably accuse the
parents of his indulgences, accused the public security organs of favoritism. Finally,
under the guidance of teachers, students recognized his young age, she is not
responsible for their actions is a fundamental result in the tragic end of today, we can
see that a person's sense of responsibility is closely linked to their life. This is the
blood of the lesson, so that the children wake up, think deeply, and thus recognized
the importance of daily study of peace on the collective, is the primary concern of the
family at least a duty. Through discussion, students gained the moral experience, to
promote the internalization of moral awareness, improve the ethical analysis
capabilities, to the moral activities of cognitive function.
  2, walk through the sea of books, to nurture a sense of responsibility.
  book is the ladder of human progress, the book is to inspire students to
"responsibility" of teachers. All times, the number of people with lofty ideals, moral
integrity impressed by their spirit, summed up, are due to a high degree of
responsibility, and in the sea walk, after all, to enhance students understanding of the
responsibility to inspire a sense of responsibility in an effective way to heart leapt. To
this end, we launched the Physics and Chemistry "Reading Month" activities.
Activities, we learned about the numerous scientists such as Franklin noble cause of
human tenacity of spirit. Wei plateau for the modern students to study hard the rise of
the motherland moved; by foreigners, Bethune held their ground, cultivate the spirit of
life-saving, are numerous on the sense of responsibility inspired by famous
celebrities ... ... "Red Rock Spirit" is endemic in the education of Chongqing one of
the resources. Real situation of secondary school students for the "Red Rock" little
knowledge of the situation, we in the "Reading Month" activities carried out the Red
Rock series of education "of the five" activities: reading a book Red Rock, recorded a
reading notes, to make a visit to search, tell a story of Red Rock, Red Rock to write a
diary. Group in reading activities, the center created to award team members in order
of priority, take turns reading and sharing incentives; search activities, the students
stopped to listen, such as Red Rock on Xiaoluobutou martyrs admiration arises
spontaneously; story at all impassioned, Attractively; Hongyan diary, the true feelings
of the children, reflects their thinking has entered a deep level ... ... Suhomlinski said:
"The world is through the image into the minds and awareness, children younger, and
their more limited life experience, then the clear image of life for the more strongly
influence their thinking. book sea walk, sense of responsibility to promote and
enhance students understanding and grasp of moral activity reached a moral cultivate
emotional function.
  3, social investigation, a clear sense of importance.
  sense of responsibility in real life, in the end what is important is the point? activities
of students in front of a certain sentiment, but how they urgent sense of responsibility
feel important, not the slightest neglect, resulting in a strong inner driving force, the
size of the big and small things that show a strong sense of responsibility in it?
students through discussion, decided to launch "Social Survey" big action. to street
children , to enterprises, institutions, investigated all walks of life in the sense of
typical cases. Among them, the police officers risk their lives for the people to defend
the lives and property, Zhang Jiexin classmate's mother as a hydrographic survey staff
of excellence, self-employed Zhang drivers on safe driving for decades on such an
example for students Gee praised the designers wrong to write a 3 kilowatts to 3 watts
of examples of careless writing less power installers a "not closing" of the warning
signs caused 400 000 Element losses painful lesson gave the students left a deep
impression. disaster no mercy, flood-fighting spirit in my heart! 98 flood-fighting
spirit of the noble sense of responsibility is concentrated soldiers, the soldiers played
the strongest sense of responsibility Music. through stories about floods, images,
poems of appreciation, the students were deeply moved. responsible for all walks of
life seem very important to ah! This is our voice, but also students from childhood to
foster a high degree of strong driving force for accountability. The event is to promote
moral knowledge into moral power of faith, is to promote transformation of the
students from knowledge to power lines.
  4, life focus, deep sense of responsibility is not prohibitive.
  fine example has boundless power, the great man's valuable, admirable, a model
around the most inspiring. I believe that attention to students around the power of
mining is a good example of the behavior of the orientation, students can eliminate
that sense of responsibility unattainable, beyond the reach of prejudice. So, I attach
importance to their daily routine activities as education and opportunity, attention
prior to the event guide, clarify how best to target their own responsibility; activities
of great importance to comment, use incentives in a timely manner with students
through responsible behavior; activities concluded after the attention, promote the
good atmosphere with a sense of responsibility. six months, a great class to change the
wind class appearance. "donated money and goods with Love" campaign, Teacher's
Day theme team meeting, health town in mid-activity, "Happy Sunday" event, a
symbolic long-distance running, sports in the "turnaround" and the weekly chapter
excellence rating on the war have left the students with a high sense of responsibility
of the brand. In particular, the king and his family looks pretty responsible to society
and others, Zheng Bridge students civilized disciplined, selfless devotion Xin Tong,
Chaigne Zi considerate parents, Zhao many students trained hard for the school as
classes such adding luster to a typical example for the students is undeniable and
become We support and learn from. In order to further consolidate the students on the
proper moral and understanding of the moral sentiments and good moral behavior,
near the end, we carried out on all of the activities reviewed and summarized by "a
sense of responsibility - in our the hearts of Ascension "theme team will conduct a
sublimation. Looking back, that now look to the future, students were pleasantly
confidence. team meeting, everyone in unison points to his own voice - as long as we
keep the ideal, down to earth However, we have to become responsible people! "I'm
Ba people, I am proud, I Ba, I can do it! "What a moving speech, how exciting scenes.
These activities not only play an intensive training on the role of moral behavior, so
that the consolidation, the formation of habits, but also to make" explicit "in the
behavior of the code of ethics be strengthened, and further into moral awareness
within, and then outside into ethical behavior, until the formation of good moral
  4, the effect.
  short six months, the rats preferred implementation plans carried out in an orderly to
obtain a more significant results, class student class Wind class appearance changed
large classes have the correct guidance of public opinion, the whole class the students
all have their job, have the responsibility to do, most of the students strong sense of
responsibility, ability, excellent health development fast, poor students a good changes,
has been well and parents alike. activities in the mid-show love, the king looks pretty
and other 10 students were posting praise, Thank you for using "love" Teacher's Day
activities and the activities of the exchange reported in the school, was praise. well
disciplined class civilization, emerged Zhou Shaoyang good deeds such as returning
lost money. snacks, road teams, health, the two operating mobile access to the number
of red flags ahead of the "health town" advanced group, especially the students
changed classes Games the status quo, they played a "turnaround", cover all the
collective projects one or two personal achievements have also made more good
results, and thus was the first score and spiritual groups awards. class topic will be
school teams first prize, and the reception on behalf of the urban secondary school
peer leadership, well received. end, This class was awarded to the leading school, "Ba
good collective".
 test is only just beginning to achieve this accomplishment is a welcome . But the
way the Reform will be difficult anyway. like a sense of responsibility of the tree in
the hearts of all of us including the children of Evergreen Evergreen!
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