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					Instructive plant roots, educating students in education Educational Center

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 instructive plant roots, educating education center

 instructive plant roots, educating education center
 - Class bit of work experience

  Lee Asian Class is a collective of organizers and builders of the class, a great impact
on students, or even a lifetime . For a long time, "involved not to please", "dog bites
Dongbin" situation often plague us, the class teacher, as a class teacher, in addition to
normal teaching, the complete responsibility of educating people is the purpose of my
work, but also my efforts. How can I make the class teacher to work? Through the
new round of curriculum reform experiments, combined with class teacher, will talk
about my feelings the following:
  1, the class teacher students partner
, Love students, research students
  I think that, with with a love to learn about students, research students are the work
of class teacher premise, understanding and research students, including two aspects:
  first students to understand and study their differences in personality. Such as
learning attitude, hobbies, family status, personality characteristics of the
establishment of student records. To do this, I am mainly seeing much talk, more
home visits.
  followed by the whole class to understand the overall situation, both common. Wind
classes such as class appearance, the whole class in the moral, intellectual, and
physical performance of the overall situation. This work to be able to start teaching
every student can open your heart, soul sculpture students.
, In order to activate the inner spiritual communication needs
  for students to feel that I am amiable, trustworthy and reliable friend: When the
students made progress, I let them get the recognition; when the student is successful,
I give is appreciated; when the students were wronged, I give the comfort; When
students make mistakes, I was given tolerance; when students are frustrated, I let him
get is encouraged; when the students have a interest, I give the support ... ...
  Class focus is to develop a positive, dynamic group, so that every student can fully
demonstrate their talents and unique charm, so they care about and love this group,
everybody has the others, all have a collective mind, and in this collective care, the
ability to improve. To this end, I create a good environment and learning atmosphere
to start, carefully cultivating the class group. Teachers working with silent good sense
of deep incentives student quality. Such as: I never throw away a random drawing
head, do not throw scraps of paper, often working with students, their teaching
equipment placed orderly. Thus, our classrooms are always clean, neat place tables
and chairs, platform in each classroom with the students cover the table with the table
as cover, code, school rules, classes and training on the wall, eye-catching. Layout of
the big and small school, whether I take seriously, to explain why students do and
what to do, teach methods of clarifying the truth. So they are willing to participate,
not afraid to compete.
, In the activities of educating people
  saying goes: "live
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