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					Financial Accounting Exam Tutorial: The financial accounting report (2) report test

 financial accounting test counseling report
 income statement and profit distribution statement,
 1, the income statement of the content and format of% D % A income statement
include the following:
 operating profit = operating income - operating costs - business tax - management
costs - operating expenses - financial costs;
 total profit = Operating profit + investment income + changes in fair value income +
non-current assets disposed of profit and loss - impairment losses;
 net profit = gross profit - income tax expense + investment income.

  2, the income statement preparation
  3, profit distribution table of contents and format of the
  (a) of the profit distribution table of contents and structure of the
  (b) distribution of profits Table for
  The purpose of the additional information content and fill out the methods
. "adjusted net profit to cash flow from operating activities" project. Indirect method
to net profit from operating activities Net cash flow, the need to adjust the four
categories of projects: ① the actual costs not paid cash; ② actually did not receive
cash proceeds; ③ not profit from operating activities; ④ operating receivables
payables increase or decrease. Details of these projects are as follows:
  (1) Provision for impairment of assets. (2) depreciation of fixed assets. (3)
amortization of intangible assets and amortization of long-term prepaid expenses (4)
prepaid expenses, less (Less: increase). (5) increase in accrued expenses (Less:
decrease). (6) disposal of fixed assets, intangible assets and other long-term losses
(Less: income).
  (7) loss of disposal of fixed assets. The project reflects the company's fixed assets,
current place (minus inventory overage) after a net loss. (8) Finance costs (9)
Investment losses (Less: income). (10) Deferred tax credit (Less: debit). (11) decrease
in inventories (Less: increase). (12) decrease in operating receivables (Less: increase).
(13) increase in operating payables (Less: decrease).
. "Does not involve cash payments of investment and financing activities" item.
  (1) "Debt to Capital" project, reflecting the company's current amount of debt to
capital. (2) "1 year convertible bonds due" project, reflecting the business due within
1 year convertible bond principal and interest. (3) "fixed assets financed by leasing
people" project, reflecting the current corporate finance fixed assets account people
who rent "long-term should pay" the amount of subjects.
. "Net increase in cash and cash equivalents" item.

 [example] in an enterprise net profit of 600 million, investment income was 100
million, and financial costs related to financing activities was 50 million, operating
receivables increased by 75 million operating payables decreased by 25 million,
depreciation of fixed assets of 40 million, amortization of intangible assets is 100,000
yuan. Assuming no other business activities affect the cash flow items, the company's
current cash flow from operating activities Net () million.
 Answer: D
 resolution: Enterprise current cash flow from operating activities Net volume =
600-100 +50-75-25 +40 +10 = 5 million yuan
 [examples] in the indirect method, adjusted net profit to cash flows from operating
activities, the following items are adjusted each adjustment by the project are ()
 A. investment benefit
 B. Deferred tax credits
 C. Accrued expenses
 D. fixed assets reported fee
 E . financial costs
 Answer: BDE
 resolution: investment benefit is reduced, because the increase in deduction from
profits made; deferred tax credits, deferred income tax expense increased tax credit
occurs, reduce the net so be increased; accrued expenses reduction, equivalent to pay
by bank deposit, cash reduction will have to cut key processing; fixed assets reported
operating expenses for loss of or reduce the net, so to be increased. Make an addition
to handle the financial costs.
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