Finance and accounting: the loss of inventory accounting for abnormal loss of normal

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					Finance and accounting: the loss of inventory accounting for abnormal loss of normal

  normal stock losses processing
  for most of the production enterprises, stocks and sales of enterprise manufacturing
process of the most important base material, in daily production and management
company, is inevitable to happen inventory loss, I lost on the stock of non-normal
VAT tax planning issues related to some discussion.
  Provisional Regulations and the implementation of value-added tax rules,
non-normal loss of purchased goods input tax shall be deducted from the amount of
tax. Loss is the so-called non-normal course of business other than the loss of normal
wear and tear, including natural disasters, loss caused due to mismanagement and
theft of goods, from molds and other losses and other non-normal loss. Although the
loss of inventory tax law non-normal input VAT can not be offset, however,
accounting for inventory losses of non-normal treatment of different accounts but can
have different impacts on value-added tax.
  by the following example to illustrate the different accounts dealing with capital
gains tax for stock losses of non-normal impact of tax planning.
  Case】 【A
  company is a value added tax general taxpayer, the sale of goods using the 17% VAT
rate. In 2006 the company purchased a batch of raw materials, haul raw materials
price excluding tax of 100 yuan, special VAT invoices obtained by the VAT specified
amount of 170,000 yuan. The seizure was caused deterioration of raw materials
because of mismanagement can not be used to clean up a business after the pricing of
its sale, made Bianjiashouru 100,000 yuan, suppose a company's accounting treatment
is as follows:
  first accounting methods
  (1) into liquidation by the time
: Pending Property Sun Yi - pending current assets Sunyi 1170000
  Loan: raw 1000000
  tax payable - VAT ( input tax turns) 170000
  (2) obtained when the
  Bianjiashouru by: bank deposit 100000
  Loan: When dealing with property Sun Yi - pending liquidity Sun Yi 85470
  Tax payable - VAT (output VAT) 14530
  (3) carry-over loss
  clean-up by: operating expenses 1084530
  Loan: Pending Property Sun Yi - to be Sun Yi address current assets of 1084530
: In accordance with the accounting treatment of a business during the batch
processing of raw materials accounts all into cleaning up, which means that batch of
raw materials all were lost, so out with the raw materials the input VAT should all turn
out, not deductible. At the same time companies will clean up the sale of raw
materials also shall be achieved Bianjiashouru rate of 17% VAT to be paid.
  fact, however, companies change prices of raw materials when the income of
100,000 yuan to achieve, we can not all happen that revealed the loss of raw materials.
It can be seen to offset the input VAT shall be losses occurring part of the normal
input tax, should this part of the corresponding input tax turns out, the revenue for
clean-up achieved is that the loss did not occur in the tax law This has not been
clearly defined, as long as the processing enterprises in the accounts not to deal with
as a non-normal loss, not the part of the input tax on the amount transferred out.
  second accounting method
  (1) into the clean-up when the
  company's inventory of non-normal actual amount of loss = 1000000-100000 / (1
+17%) = 914 530 (yuan)% D % A non-normal loss of stock to be transferred out of
the input tax = 914530 × 17% = 155470 (yuan)
  corporate actual loss, by deducting the amount obtained after Bianjiashouru property
to be processed into Sun Yi.
  by: Pending Property Sun Yi - pending current assets Sunyi 1070000
  Loan: raw material 914530
  tax payable - VAT (input tax turns) 155470% D % A (2) to obtain Bianjiashouru time?
Will achieve the Bianjiashouru recognized as "other operating income," while the
carry-over that part of the cost of raw materials included in "Other operating
  by: bank deposit 100000
  Loan: Other operating income 85470
  tax payable - VAT (output VAT) 14530
  by: Other operating costs 85470
  Loan: raw 85470
  (assuming the case of raw materials sold at cost price)
  analysis: the accounting treatment than the first, pay less VAT 145.3 million yuan. /

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