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									CIA exam in 2006 must-read! Examination Required

 must-read examination of internal audit

  is on the international Certified Internal Auditor qualification in 2006 CIA
examination of several issues of concern to us a simple explanation:% D % A
  1.CIA CIA exam qualifications and purpose of my introduction
  CIA, is a Certified Internal Auditor (CERTIFIEDINTERNALAUDITOR)
abbreviation. It is the international symbol of experts in the field of internal audit, it is
only common around the world accredited vocational qualifications. Qualifications
required by the exam to get CIA, IIA is the global organizer of the examination. IIA
Institute of Internal Auditors is the worldwide organization founded in New York in
1941. Association of the existing 196 branches, distributed in over 100 countries and
regions. China Institute of Internal Audit in 1987 to join the Association, a national
chapter. IIA CIA exam since 1974 has held the world more than 40 countries and
regions took part in the examination. Examination language English, French, German,
Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, and Chinese Mandarin and other new opening. Two
examinations organized each year were held in May and November. China is held in
November each year only a test.
  CIA exam organization aims to learn from Western science and management
techniques and methods to improve the level of modern scientific management of our
country and train a group of international standards of corporate management
personnel, so as to obtain and their foreign counterparts at the same level the
qualifications of the dialogue, to maintain my Fangli Yi, enhancing the advantages of
Chinese enterprises in international competition for the establishment of socialist
market economic system and modern enterprise system services for the reform and
opening up and economic construction. Proved to participate in CIA examination,
help to promote our internal audit staff to improve professional knowledge and skills
to meet international standards have emerged of professionals will help further
enhance the international status of our internal audit.
  CIA China introduced examinations held in Guangzhou from 1998, the first CIA
exam has been 8 years, now has the CIA to 8733 the number of qualified people, our
number of candidates CIA has accounted for half of the global number of candidates.
  2.2006-year CIA exam schedule:
  2006 International Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Examination in November this
year the third weekend, which in November 18,19 held in conjunction with various
examination centers in the country.
  specific subject examination as follows:
  11 月 18 日:
  8:30-12:00 am in the management of internal audit, risk and control role.
  14:00-17:30 pm on the implementation of internal audit services.
  11 月 19 日:
  8:30-12:00 AM business analysis and information technology.
  14:00-17:30 pm Management Technology and CCSA.
 3. On the subject name of the 2006 examination and examination outline:
 four-part test subjects is still the name as follows:

, Part I: the internal audit risk and control role.
  includes: compliance with IIA's attribute standards; to develop risk-based audit plan,
internal audit to determine priorities; understanding of internal audit's role in
corporate governance; the implementation of other internal audit roles and
responsibilities; governance, risk and control knowledge points; planning audit
  Part II: Conducting the Internal Audit service.
, including: the implementation of audit services; the implementation of specific audit
services; fraud knowledge elements; audit of operational tools.
  Part III: Business Analysis and Information Technology.
, including: business process; financial accounting and financial management;
management accounting; regulations, legal and economic; information technology.
  Part IV: Management Technology.
, including: strategic management; management; China's business environment;
China's internal audit environment.

 Appendix: Examination Syllabus:
 006 the first part of the syllabus: the internal audit, risk and control role
 006 Examination Syllabus Part II: implementation of internal audit services
 006 syllabus Part III: Business Analysis and Information Technology
 006 syllabus Part IV: Management Technology

 4. on time and place of registration 2006:
 registration normally from June to July, but the test center time will be adjusted to
local conditions. Other related matters, please pay attention to post information on this
edition, or focus of the trial network of CIA Garden notice or
the test center.
 # Hebei May to July application, Hebei Province in 2006 CIA Examination
 # Guangdong 6 15 to July 14 Application, 2006, Guangdong Province CIA, CCSA
Qualification Examination Application% D % A # Hubei 6 20 to July 10 Application,
the International Registration of Auditors in 2006 in Hubei Examination Application
 # Shanghai June 29 to July 9 registration, test centers in 2006 Shanghai CIA, CCSA
Examination Entry Form and entry time
 # Jiangsu July 5 to July 20 Application, Jiangsu Province, 2006 CIA Entry Form
 006 CIA exam in the test center registration time and contact telephone

 * Here are the general format of application form, available for download!
 5. on the CIA in 2006 test centers:
 exam last year to open 20 test centers: Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, , Beijing,
Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang,
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