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									Beijing, the implementation of internal audit staff follow-up education approach

 follow-up internal audit staff

 first follow-up to regulate the internal audit staff education, and improve the
professional competence of internal audit staff, according to "Audit on internal audit
requirements," the Chinese Institute of Internal Auditors, "Internal auditors follow up
the implementation of education measures", "Beijing Audit on internal audit work to
guide and supervise the implementation of measures" to develop this approach.
 second internal audit staff to obtain qualifications and post qualification of
international Certified Internal Auditor (CIA certificate) who should receive further
education in accordance with this approach.
 third follow-up to the main content of education:
 (a) laws and regulations and internal auditing standards;
 (b) internal audit theory and technical methods;
 (c) the relevant professional knowledge ;
 (4) computer application technology.
 fourth follow-up education generally take the form:
 (a) to participate in China's internal Audit and Control Association and the City
Internal Audit Association or the Institute of Internal Auditors approved by the city's
domestic and overseas training and study tours;
 (b) of the Internal Audit Association to participate in China recognized universities
in academic education and professional training courses;
 (c) in tertiary institutions or training in the first paragraph of this section, the
activities of internal audit courses taught;
 ( d) participate in the IIA and the Asian federation of professional internal audit
meetings and training activities;
 (5) to participate in China's internal Audit and Control Association and the Urban
Institute convened an internal audit professional meetings;
 (6 ) at the provincial and ministerial level newspapers, magazines, articles published
in the internal audit, internal audit of the books published in China's internal Audit
and Control Association and the City, at the Institute of Internal Auditors in the award
winning papers selected papers;
 (7) participate in internal audit-related intermediate professional titles, and in the
examination and obtain a certificate;
 (8) China Institute of Internal Auditors approved by other training methods.
 follow-up education by Article hours cumulative method, every two years for a
period of time not less than 80 hours (the first year of not less than 30 hours).
 follow-up education of Article VI of hours is calculated:
 (a) is the fourth article of the way first, second paragraph, the hours calculated
according to the course set up education hours;
 (2 ) is pursuant to article forty of this approach, each teaching a follow-up education
hours calculated according to two hours, the annual total may not exceed 20 hours;
 (c) is the way to the fourth Article, provided for in paragraph five , by attending
meetings and training, real time calculation of follow-up education hours;
 (d) the fourth paragraph VI of this approach, every thousand words calculated by the
follow-up two hours of education hours, translated in terms of characters per 2000 1
follow-up education hours, the annual total may not exceed 10 hours;
 (5) to obtain auditors, accountants, economists, engineers and professional titles and
the international Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Public Accountants, Cost
Engineer, assets assessment Teacher professional qualifications, the year calculated in
accordance with 50 hours of follow-up education hours.
 Article formulated according to China Association of the internal audit follow-up
education planning, management practices, curricula and teaching materials, the
Urban Institute of Internal Auditors is responsible for the city auditor's follow-up
education, issued a timely manner as required to prove the follow-up education hours.
 city of Internal Auditors of Article VIII of the internal audit staff and made according
to CIA officers for follow-up education certificates hours of evidence on the
"Certificate of internal audit staff positions," or CIA certificate to register.
 Article in this way by the Beijing Municipal Institute of Internal Auditors
responsible for the interpretation.
 Article These Measures shall go into effect.
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