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					Actuary exam tips: China professional actuarial actuarial career development

  Chinese actuary actuarial career
  set up China's own actuarial actuarial professional organizations are many of our
predecessors, far-sighted and the Commissioner of Insurance the ideal industry
executives over the years. Many of them now is not an actuary, but are ideal for this
project are to promote a lot of work, are eagerly looking forward to the establishment
in China of a high professional level, professional quality, and to the continuous
learning and improvement can improve management of China's insurance industry to
play a substantial role in the Chinese actuarial professional organizations.
  current actuarial determined to continue to work hard with this ideal.
  I. Background and status
  after 10 years of arduous negotiations process, China has recently successfully
joined the WTO, and started to deliver on the WTO, the world's commitments,
including cash and gradually opening the insurance market, and commitment to
international standards. In this open and the process of transition and integration in the
international financial sector and capital market is undergoing a profound change in
historical period, the young Chinese team of actuaries to be deeply impressed by their
historical responsibility and development opportunities facing the with enormous
  professional organization of actuaries in China the status quo, as the Insurance
Association of China under a second chapter, on July 9, 2001 actuarial Committee
was formally approved, our team including the 1999 Insurance Regulatory
Organization The first Chinese actuarial examination 43 approved by the actuary in
China, as well as through the 2000 and 2001, China (quasi-) recognized by the actuary
exams nearly 20 prospective actuaries.
  due to the company and the insurance industry where the level of development
constraints, the number of actuaries to the Chinese team are generally facing shortage
of technical experience, management ability can not exercise, not enough study time,
not being high-level attention and development opportunities are few difficulties in
the face of foreign competition or lack of level playing field. In such circumstances,
many Chinese professional actuaries to give up further study, some abandoned in
local development. In these abandoned, our ideals while being questioned - there is no
better way to let more people have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to
achieve the actuarial staff from the local to the international recognition of the senior
actuaries transition?
  This conversion is the work of the Commission in recent years the actuarial
  actuarial examination system in China is still some time before fully operational
today, on the one hand, the scarcity of actuaries in China to make still more specific in
space and time, the market's expectations exceeded our ability, experience; and the
other party, many companies especially the actuarial resources, domestic insurance
companies have not yet been fully recognized and used.
  number of forces we now the policy of support from Yu, if we can not prove that we,
Ren, Chuliaotongguo actuary exams, our spirit, we are developing the capacity, we
have the unity and vitality, can adequately support Qi s generation of actuaries in
China's reputation, capable of supporting the organization of actuaries in China to
create the cornerstone of the early, we will have no grasp of youth who may be
brilliant. In short, China is not a sound actuarial organization and movement system,
there is no standing in the international actuarial organizations in China, not the
individual capabilities of Actuaries, then the future value of actuaries in China is not
  2, we aim to
  vision of China's actuaries organizations have some success with the current Society
of Actuaries common features of a sound organizational structure, effective
decision-making process, independent of the electoral process, a relatively mature
examination system and education system, in-depth study of academic and practical
level, effective management of resources and extensive influence, and is a member of
the international actuarial organization.
  current goal of actuarial work of the Committee is a more solid foundation for good
work in promoting the actuarial ordering of the daily work of the Commission to
promote the status of China and the exchange of Actuaries, the actuarial organizations
to expand China's influence abroad.
  First of all, the organizational and institutional development, gradually improved
infrastructure, sound, and to determine the statute of China actuarial clear
organizational structure, methods of election to establish an effective system of
decision-making processes and meetings. Actuarial staff of the Executive Committee
of 10, in addition to the Permanent Secretary, the rest are part-time. The Committee
consists of education and examination system of two working groups. The 10 people
have been in place at the meeting, the Committee will start work, be accountable, to
forge ahead. Director of the division of responsibility in the overall work of the
Committee, the Deputy Director in charge of a working group, respectively. Increase
Staffs responsible for South Passage, Huang Wenjun examination composed of
Working Group on Education for Chinese organizations, including actuaries exam
item bank, test center, test data and actuarial information on human resources
management, organization of teaching materials prepared by the actuary exams,
modify, etc., will be Executive Vice Director Lin Hong direct coordination; from the
YANG Zhi was responsible for, any broad-pass, Cui Dan formed a system working
group of Chinese actuaries internal management system, on the insurance business
management practices in a number of emerging or yet to be explicitly examine the
issues and proposed rules; actuarial problems for other organizations to study and be
published in due course, will be vice chairman Cheng-Fang Shen, co-ordination. In
the next few years, when conditions are ripe, the new research group dedicated to the
collection, verification and organization of the project team. Permanent Secretary for
the Commission's day to day and event records. The election of the next Working
Committee means the pre-selection panel. A quarter of the Executive Committee to
convene a general meeting of the directors (including conference calls), the Working
Group at least once every six months meeting of heads. The Committee's decision to
vote means involving the organization of national conferences or seminars, financing
activities and use of the working group's annual plan and budget, will be the work of
the Committee by the plenary and invited consultants to participate by a certain
percentage of actuaries in China are eligible to vote had passed through the
implementation of other concrete work, the one organizational 精算师 Examination
Rengjiang yes an important task for this Committee; while Ye lose time to make Chu
actuary exam Jiaocaibianxie or revised plan and timetable for full membership exam
soon as possible. According to current plans, new this year on the basis of Zhongshan
test center, will be commissioned next year, the Actuarial Society of Actuaries
examinations in Hong Kong, China set up test centers; the other hand, in the creation
of quasi-two-year curriculum based on the actuarial exams next year plans to open
courses of Actuaries examinations. The second is based on the research in previous
years, complete the life table revision of the overall planning. Is currently planning to
set up a Zhanzhao Lan as the head of the special working group. Third, the China
Insurance Regulatory Commission and other higher authorities with the support of
research to formulate a plan to solve the initial work of the Committee for some time
the action funding. Fourth, research industry standards for products in the organ
industry standards progress. In this work year, will develop or improve the "Measures
for the Administration of Actuaries of China", "practicing actuaries Regulations",
"actuarial regulations," such terms.
  in enhancing the ability of actuaries in China, to strengthen communication and
exchanges, should be noted that although the two working groups responsible only
three, but the work involved in the working group we need every Chinese Actuarial
teacher involvement, through participation in a particular working group, in exchange,
but also various aspects of exercise capacity. This capability, sometimes an increase in
actuarial knowledge and theory, as we study the rules and institutions; sometimes may
not be a purely actuarial techniques, such as the solution to the problem of learning,
such as in a project organization and coordination, such as a self-management and
development and its success has brought us joy. From a certain perspective, we have
these young, few of China's ability of actuaries in this one even more necessary, how
to communicate with their head, how to express clearly and effectively express
themselves, directly determines the actuary the role played by the company.
Commission plans to present this work in organizing an annual seminar and the depth,
co 1-2. Cooperation with the People's University in the successful run of "actuarial
control system" training class, will be held next spring in a seminar on financial
management, and in September next year at the annual meeting held on the "low
interest rate environment and the life insurance business Bank Insurance "and other
discussion topics. In addition, we also plan to use professional publications through
the networks and space, speed up information exchanges between actuaries, actuaries
and promote all sectors of contact, our current web page has opened in China's
insurance. (WWW.china-insruance/jingsuan) while the actuarial activities through the
organization of regional and foreign actuarial organizations and actuarial enhance
communication. China Insurance Regulatory Commission in October of this year and
sent members of the Working Committee of Actuaries held in Hong Kong participated
in the East Asian Actuarial Conference.
  the same time, we agreed that there continued to be, especially the China Insurance
Regulatory Commission support actuarial work is still important work of the
Commission's long-term. China set up the organization and development of Actuaries,
is entirely in the CIRC's organization, culture and traction over the, on the one hand,
we need to gradually learn to self-other hand, we need to continue to seek
understanding and support of China Insurance Regulatory Commission. If the
actuarial status of persons responsible for
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