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					               PSANZ Perinatal Mortality Group
               The PSANZ Perinatal Mortality Group (PSANZ-PMG) was established as a special
               interest group of PSANZ to: promote a systematic approach to the audit and review
               of perinatal deaths in Australia and New Zealand; provide advice for Colleges and
               other bodies on standards for perinatal mortality classification and audit; and to
               collaborate with national and international groups in the research and audit
               activities aimed at reducing stillbirth and neonatal deaths.


                            Workshops and events
                         PSANZ-PMG 2007 Workshop
                Saturday 31 March 2007, 0830 -1230
       Satellite meeting of the PSANZ Congress, Melbourne.
Workshop theme: Defining priorities for reducing stillbirth and improve standards in
perinatal mortality audit. Call for Abstracts: Abstracts are invited for a limited free
communications sessions on the workshop themes. Closing date for abstracts: February
1st 2007. Email to For further information please contact the
secretariat: 61 7 38401591 or 61 7 3840 1592 or go to the website:

             2006 Meeting in Perth: Stillbirth Still Happening
             Satellite Meeting at PSANZ Congress, Saturday 1st April 2006
                Combined meeting of the PSANZ-PMG and SIDS and Kids
This one-day meeting was well attended and attracted media coverage. The program topics
included:    Psychosocial aspects of bereavement and the health professional role; What
“Causes” Stillbirth? ; Current and planned research; Discussion on implementation of the
PSANZ guidelines and data collection for stillbirths; Future directions for collaborative stillbirth
research in ANZ. We would like to thank all partcipants and presenters for making this day
such a success. We would particularly like to thank the parents who shared their stories with

 International Stillbirth Alliance Conferences: 2006, 2007
2006: To view the conference proceedings for the June 2006 ISA Conference in Japan please
go to the 2006 Conference website
2007: The 2007 ISA annual conference will be held in London October 1-4. For further details
please visit the Conference website at

                                        ISA Initiatives
ISA is focussing efforts, at an international level, on the issues of stillbirth definition,
classification and investigation. As a member organisation, PSANZ through the PSANZ-PMG, is
collaborating with ISA in these initiatives.. If you would like to know more please visit the ISA
website or contact: Vicki Flenady, Janet Carey or Adrian Charles.
Contact details can be found on the website:
There are currently 263 registered members of the PSANZ-PMG. All PSANZ members are
welcomed to join. We ask members ensure that their PSANZ subscription is current.
                                        How to join
Membership is free. To join please go to the PSANZ-PMG website for a registration form or
simply check the PSANZ Perinatal Mortality Group check box on the PSANZ
subscription form.
                                     Steering Group
Current membership of the PSANZ-PMG Steering Group: James King, Anabelle Chan,
Adrian Charles, Vicki Flenady, Ross Haslam, Janet Carey, Lesley McCowan, David Tudehope.

To ensure the steering committee reflects the mulitdiscipinary membership of PSANZ.
Nominations are sought for positions of midwifery, neonatal nursing and basic
science. Please contact the secretariat with nominations. New steering group members will
be announced at the Annual General Meeting to be held during the March 2007 workshop.

The PSANZ-PMG is collaborating in a number of activities. A brief summary is provided here.
If you would like to know more about any of the intiatives or you would like to
participate please contact a member of the Steering Group.

Implementation of the PSANZ Perinatal Mortality Audit Guidelines. A working party to
address the issues of implementation of the guidelines across ANZ is being established. We
are looking for members – please contact us if you would like to find out more about it and/or

                               PSANZ Stillbirth Research Group
The stillbirth research group of the PSANZ-PMG is currently seeking funding for a large
prospective study of stillbirths to address the current gaps is the evidence. Initially, the study
will focus on investigation of stillbirth and information for parents around the time of stillbirth.
Once established, it is hoped that future studies to reduce the risk of stillbirth may be
undertaken with greater efficiency by building on the framework developed in this initial

      Development of an evidenced based protocol for stillbirth investigation. While
      the PSANZ Mortality Audit Guidelines includes recommendations for stillbirth
      investigations, it recognises the need for further research. This planned Australia–wide
      study aims to address this gap.

      Development of a Decision-aid for autopsy consent. Autopsy remains the gold
      standard of investigation for stillbirths. However, the rate of autopsy in many regions in
      ANZ continues to decline. One of the common barriers sited to autopsy examination is
      the communication of information to parents in the consent process. This planned
      study aims to develop and test whether a decision-aid for parents improves the
      autopsy rate and parent satisfaction with their decision.

      Register of stillbirth research. To promote collaboration in stillbirth research across
      ANZ, a register is being established of planned and ongoing research into stillbirth
      prevention and care for families after experiencing a stillbirth. The register will be
      available on the website. Please contact the secretariat if you would like to
      register your research.

Infant Mortality Classification. A clinical classification for infant mortality is under
consideration. The purpose of the classification is to identify of the relevant causes of death
and associated conditions in infant mortality by enabling aggregation of neonatal and
postneonatal death causes and identification of existing obstetric factors.
Resources available. The Perinatal Mortality Audit Guidelines, The PSANZ clinical
classification systems for perinatal death and training cases (for those undertaking
perinatal audit) are available via the PSANZ-PNM website. To access training cases please
contact the secretariat.

   For further information about the PSANZ-PMG, or to participate in one of the initiatives
please contact a member of the Steering Group or the PSANZ-PMG secretariat: Vicki Flenady,
Telephone 061 7 3840 1592, Facsimile 061 7 3840 1588, Email:;
                         or vist our website.

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