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									Accounting for Settlement and Payment of Enterprise Income Tax Income Tax

  corporate income tax Huisuan declare
  According to State Administration of Taxation promulgated the "Measures for the
Administration Corporate Tax Final Settlement" and other relevant provisions of the
the end of the enterprise income tax final settlement should be carefully carried out.
  final settlement of enterprise income tax, taxpayers calculate their own annual
taxable income and the amount of payable income tax, according to payment in
advance, and calculate the year due, Yingtuishuie, and fill out tax returns In tax law
the tax authorities during the reporting period the annual tax return, you can also ask
the social intermediary agency to declare the tax authorities to receive and review, the
processing of tax settlement procedures. After the election case under the standard tax
authorities, and the audit usually know, are targeted for tax review (protracted) check.
  corporate income tax final settlement should be based on business accounting, to tax
laws and regulations as the basis. Corporate Tax Final Settlement of the specific
provisions are as follows: (1) the taxpayer within the tax year regardless of profit, loss
or reduction in the tax period, shall be under the income tax laws, regulations and
relevant provisions of the annual corporate income tax return. Taxpayers have already
paid in advance in accordance with the provisions of the tax, due to special reasons
apply in the prescribed time limit the annual corporate income tax returns, and should
be declared in writing within the time limit for an extension declaration by the
competent tax authorities in the approval of the tax declaration within the time limit.
(2) the middle of the taxpayer in the tax year the merger took place, or divided,
according to tax regulations, merger, division status after the change of its taxpayers,
should be handled before the changes go through corporate income tax registration
declaration, in a timely manner Hui Suan Ching payment and settlement of tax; its
taxpayers the same position, the tax year can be calculated continuously. (3) The
taxpayer has paid in advance of the annual amount of tax payable is less than the tax
should be 4 months after the end of the year (foreign-funded enterprises was 5 months)
should be in back taxes to settle. Prepaid tax than the tax payable, the competent tax
authorities shall promptly refund or to offset tax payable in the next year.
  final settlement of income tax accounting:
  (a) a "tax payable method"
  1. Calculate the income tax payable or to be in back when:
  by :
  income tax credit: Tax payable - payable income tax
  2. the actual amount of tax paid:
  by: Tax payable - payable income tax
  loans: bank deposits
  3. actually received by the return of the overpayment of tax made the opposite
direction with the accounting entries.
  (b) the use of "tax effect accounting method"
  1. Calculated the income tax payable, the need to subtract (or add) the current period
of deferred tax:
 by : Income Tax

 deferred tax credit: Tax payable - payable income tax
 (or credit: deferred tax)
 2. the actual tax paid when the% D % A by: Tax payable -
 payable tax credit: a bank / center>

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