Questions from Teenage Pregnancy Presentation Tracy Gourley

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					Questions from Teenage Pregnancy Presentation Tracy Gourley

Q. Warwickshire – How have you engaged with Catholic Schools?
R. Coventry - Meeting with Heads to include these schools – what helped
   was the change in the name Respect Yourself really helped.

Q. Hereford – How are you engaging with parents?
R. Coventry
          Through consultation/E-Network
          Strategic Partnership parent reps
          The agenda has not moved forward that much as we are still
             getting to grips with it
          There is a battle with Teenage Pregnancy rates and keeping
             going with work
          Targeted work has worked

Q. Hereford – Do you have problems with data?
R. Coventry
          Dudley data is better Coventry is working with midwives to get
             better data at the moment there is a 14 month delay on data
          Being clear on the right steps and the right time
          Coventry shared good practice with Solihull. Developed a joint
             strategy so that Teenage Pregnancy is not stand alone

Q. Dudley – Feels that OBA was used as an advisory background tool, and
asked if that was the opinion of others around the table?
R. Hereford – felt that it was being used in the example as a practical

Q. Dudley – Will there be partnership measures and impact assessments?
R. Coventry – They will be doing some work around the measures and the
impact of the 1%’s

Comments – Solihull – liked the way that Coventry emailed partners for 1%
R. It was really good to use this way because after the workshop they were
still receiving 1% contributions

Showcase Event

It was agreed that the Showcase event that was being planned for January
2008 would be rescheduled for later on in the year as more impact information
would be available, Network members felt that it was quite early on for most
LA’s to present the impact at this stage.
Regional Network Meetings

Telford & Wrekin Council – PC explained that the Beacon Peer Support that
was providing resources for the Regional Network to meet. It was agreed that
we would hold four meetings next year and will be hosted by four different
Regional Network members. Names of partners put forward:
    Warwickshire
    Stoke on Trent
    Solihull
    Dudley

All agreed that the meeting time should be from 11am to 2pm with lunch.
Once dates have been confirmed the RN database will be sent out to those
members hosting a Regional meeting.


Birmingham – WREIP suggestion was made to upload previous presentations
on to the T&W webpage so that Regional members could have access to
them, it was also suggested that those who had presented upload a summary
of what’ happened since.

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