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2009 Zikao Frequently Asked Questions Featured _18_ common Zikao


									2009 Zikao Frequently Asked Questions Featured (18) common Zikao

 Zikao Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: Hebei Zikao independent undergraduate section of time-it?
 A: Hebei no single subject restriction period of 8 years results.

 Q: I am just beginning to Zikao students, there are several issues:
 1, Billing Division, after passing the examination, qualified proof?
 2, specialist / foundation stage and the undergraduate curriculum similar. To cross
the specialist phase of the study and test undergraduate class?
 A: 1, Billing Division of the examination, it will send transcripts, transcripts that
 2, specialized undergraduate courses and there is a difference, if you are already
college graduates, you can direct examination of undergraduate courses, or can not
cross the undergraduate specialist examination.

  Q: Can I be 96 to participate in self-examination began, after the stop due to special
reasons, and now continue to participate in the words of those who passed
examination subjects are also effective?
: The test subjects had still valid.

  Q: I am in Shaanxi Province Zikao Accounting (Specialist) candidate, when the test
specialist had "political economics", the Division in July 2008 before the test had
"Mao Zedong Thought" and now it is again plus test, "Chinese Modern History," it?
: The undergraduate test than "Mao Zedong Thought" also need to test, "Chinese
Modern History," details, please see:
  2008 年 10 Public-political reform of the course completely resolve
% D % A Q: Hangzhou in April 2009 Zikao up registration time?
: The report after the event is unlikely Kaoban not yet added application release time,
you look at the aggregate national Zikao application time bar.
  2009 summary of the first half of enrollment across the country, Kao Ban will
promptly after the release added.

 Q: Will sit for the first time, you can choose test center it?
: You can choose the test area. Application areas in which we must take the
examination in which areas. Selected areas, the corresponding test center, test center,
seat number is randomly generated by the Zikao Ban.

  Q: If purchased Zikao course, then the courseware is to download to a local
computer, or is it only online listening can not download? Are there audio download?
: The courseware available for download, you can two computers on the certification
and download. Lectures can be disconnected from the network. And to provide audio
downloads, if you have any questions, can the Advisory Service :010-82335555.
: I July 2009 to the accounting specialist colleges to sit the full course, I would like to
ask me when I apply for graduation?
  A: July 2009 all the courses colleges to sit, only applying to graduate in December

 Q: China University of Petroleum Network Education Specialist Certificate in
Computer Science and Technology, Higher Education Network can be found in the
certificate number, but I wanted to test a Zikao oriented Computer Network. Will
Zikao to admit that my specialty certificate?
 A: As long as part of National Education Series diploma can be. You can apply for
Zikao undergraduate.

  Q: I would like to ask you, I just bought a "Comprehensive English (2)" and
"English Country Profiles" course. Course opened, can listen for how long? There is
still time is calculated by what means?
: The course opened, you can open time, an unlimited number of repeated learning,
closing time is one week after the end of the examination period.

 Q: The English 3 (PETS3) replaced English (2), can apply for Bachelor of it?
 A: Yes.

 Q: I am Jiangsu candidates, two issues can not be determined, (1) Zikao accounting
course, test a few years off before, "Enterprise Management" alternative "asset
assessment" you, if you can be no need for waiver procedures? (2) through the 自考
"History of Chinese Revolution," after a full-time post-secondary school examination
"political economics", whether waiver is now Zi Kao's two public political class?
 A: "Enterprise Management" can Examination "asset appraisal", do not go through
the waiver process. "History of Chinese Revolution" can replace "Introduction to the
Principles of Marxism," "political economy" can not replace the new public and
political class, you need to test, "Chinese Modern History."
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