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Dear [Employee Name]:

According to the Disability Office, your medical certification of disability will end on
[date]. Your 12 weeks of pregnancy leave under the provisions of the federal Family and
Medical Leave Act (FMLA), California Pregnancy Leave, and university medical leave
end when your medical certification ends.

When your medical certification ends you will be eligible under provisions of the
California Family Rights Act (CFRA) to take a separate unpaid leave of [up to 12] weeks
to stay home with your baby. Before your other leaves end on [date], you may request
CFRA leave to begin on [date]. A written request should be sent directly to me. It is
your responsibility to keep me informed of your status in writing. Your failure or
inability to return to work upon the expiration of any approved leaves may result in

Please note that during pregnancy-related medical leave (FMLA and California
Pregnancy Leave), an employee’s right to return to the same job she held prior to the
leave is protected. While employment rights are also protected under CFRA, the
employer is allowed to fill the employee’s position and then reinstate the employee into a
position with comparable pay and benefits at the end of the leave.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call me at [supervisor
telephone]. Questions about CFRA leave should be directed to the university’s Leave
Coordinator at (213) 821-8120.] [For employees on the University Park campus: Any
questions you have regarding your health benefits during your leave should be directed to
Kevin Johnson, Office of Benefits Administration at (213) 821-8112. [For employees on
the Health Sciences campus: Any questions you have regarding your health benefits
during your leave or about FMLA and CFRA leave should be directed to Maria Chacon,
Director of Personnel Services on the Health Sciences campus at (323) 442-1010.] The
university Family Care and Medical Leave, Pregnancy-Related Medical Leave, and
Medical Leave of Absence policies are available on the USC Web site



cc: [Home Department Coordinator]

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