; 2008 summary of the work next semester semester semester
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2008 summary of the work next semester semester semester


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									2008 summary of the work next semester semester semester

 summary of the work next semester semester work

  008 semester summary of the work
  the end of a semester's work in turn, following the work of the semester for
summarized as follows.
  1, the ideological and political aspects of
  in this semester, I thought self-discipline, love of the party's education. Although I
am not a party member, but I am working towards this objective, a political and
ideological strict demands on themselves and actively participate in school
organizations, political learning, consciously reading the newspaper reading,
understanding current affairs, understand the new policies and new educational
requirements to teacher German norms restrain itself, remind ourselves. For the
Olympics, earthquake, etc. are very concerned about national issues.
  2, teaching.
  work in teaching, I was a young inexperienced teachers. Usually also need to learn
the old teacher, humbly ask, with others. Each of the last class, I try to make full
preparations, this class Shanghao for students in the classroom to the real thing. As
my lack of experience, so I will be every last lesson before the year to the same group
of experienced teachers to consult, discuss how this class should be on how the Why.
  major this semester as a senior information technology courses, five four-and
five-year five-character work and social class. As it has been contact with the second
semester, the students have a certain understanding, and teaching materials through
the last semester of exploration, the more familiar material, so working together fairly
smoothly. My classroom is more like the students, because most of my classes are
way conversation, let the students as the main character of this course is to guide the
content of their own to complete the class, I will from time to time with the course
material knowledge and arouse their interest in their jokes, so that they remember
more firmly.
  This semester I have also requested under the school began two public school classes.
Every time I start from the knowledge of learning theory, crossing the large number of
books and the Internet to collect information from open teaching mathematics
information. At the same time with the same group of teachers to discuss academic
plans and strategies to lesson plans, courseware design, lesson plans were revised,
courseware, practice teaching, a great help to me.
  three other tasks.
  This semester I also served as a school print room, multi-room management. This
semester I am a high school multi-purpose room usage, many teaching and research
areas are multi-functional rooms in my school, there are three municipal on the spot.
Successful completion of the task every time, there are many colleagues to help me in
five years to help a group of teachers and students. Print room this semester a lot more
work, because the school requires every class should have a class test on paper, so
every day, much to India's volume. I still reasonable to arrange a time to use every day
of the test volume printed in time. Although the work is completed, but still many
problems still exist, and function rooms always ready just before the meeting, did not
reasonably arrange a time, always running around in circles for. Print Room more
complicated work, often at the same time a number of work carried out in the print
room, printing room sanitation is not good, affect efficiency.
 question I would like to find ways to solve the problem, and colleagues together to
help solve the immediate problem, to avoid possible future problems.
 This semester my school library, the Model Code to declare provincial school, I
attended the library's management and preparation. In our efforts to welcome the
successful prosecution, and was in recognition of provincial leaders.
 three major achievements.
 This semester I'm not getting any awards, the most important achievement was the
successful completion of teaching tasks and other tasks assigned by the school.
 this term although a lot of work to do, but compared with the advanced teachers,
there is a great distance, I will keep making progress in the next semester, for better
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