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									National Judicial Examination Hall rules state rules

  National Judicial Examination Hall rules
  "2002 National Judicial Examination Rules Examination," the first part that:
  first examination personnel shall test With fifteen minutes before the admission
ticket and valid ID to enter the designated examination room. No admission ticket,
identity of persons must not take the test.
  candidate entry into the examination room, the response to its admission, and
admission ticket and identification cards on the table the upper left corner.

 second examination in addition to bring the necessary stationery (2B written in
pencil, eraser, blue or black ink pen or ball-point pen), shall not carry any books,
information, notes, newspapers, writing paper, and various Wireless communication
tools and other items into the examination room.

 third test starting 30 minutes after the examination staff section 4 section 5 does not
have admission.
 test three minutes after the commencement of examination personnel are not allowed
to carry out an assignment appearance.

 fourth candidate officers should be completed within the specified time required
(details marked) the name and certification card; should require the use of blue or
black ink pen or ball-point pen answer, use 2B pencils are marked on answer sheet.

  Article Examination personnel should observe the following examination rules:
  (a) shall not smoke in the examination room, talk and laugh, or have other effects the
actions of others;
  (b) shall not within a whisper in the examination room, each gesture, signal
transmission, etc. Lay the test content information;
  (c) not to peek at other papers, or other information;
  (d) shall not be exchanged with other papers, A. title card;
  (5) not to copy other papers or agree to another copy;
  (6) disrupt the examination room and not any other order of the other test sites.

 Article VI examination in addition to fill in the papers, are marked on specified
projects, shall not be signed at the office or for non-signature mark. Otherwise, the
responses invalid.

 Article reason for examination officers resulted in papers, answer sheet damaged,
dirty, wrinkled, etc., and be not replaced.
 reason for examination personnel or damage to respondents answer card, or fill
(James) is unclear, of incorrectly, do not fill in name, certification card, leading to
certification card and does not recognize the name, not inaccurate interpretation of
results and achievements , the responsibility for own examination staff.
 of Article VIII of the content of exam questions, officers of doubt, no questions
asked the invigilator to explain, but in case of errors and illegible papers distributed
problem, raised their hands and ask the consent by the invigilator.

 Article advance an assignment, the invigilators should be a show of hands, after the
consent by the invigilator before leaving, after the examination staff to leave the
examination room, not stay in the examination room in the vicinity, noise.

 the end of Article X examination time, examination personnel should immediately
stop the examination papers, and paper (answer sheet) turn on the table, waiting for
the invigilator to leave after examination and verification recovery.
 candidate shall not be staff papers, answer sheet and writing paper out of the
examination room outside.

 Article candidate who has violated the rules, the basis for discipline dealing with the
relevant provisions dealt with accordingly. / Center>

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