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CIA Part IV in 2006 to practice exam questions 20 part of the exercise


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									Part IV Examination 2006 CIA practice some practice questions 20

 fourth part of the exercise test

  .1981 Years, IBM integrated its computer programming, sales, service and core
capacity. And leverage effect, succeeded in entering the field of personal computer
business. What does that indicate?
, Because IBM is a powerful company, it can be successfully implemented within the
development strategy.
, When companies in the existing businesses have a valuable capacity (resources and
capabilities), the business can also play a leverage effect or re-combination of internal
development strategy is the preferred strategy.
, Internal development strategy only in science and technology-based enterprises are
often used.
, From the IBM point of view, the implementation of development strategies within
the high success rate.
  Answer: B
  problem-solving ideas:
, Is not correct. Development strategy within an enterprise through the establishment
of their own internal resources, core competencies and market experience to develop
themselves. Development strategies within the development of new activities through
its own final cost is higher than the acquisition of other companies, but the cost of
sharing may be beneficial and practical, so many small businesses prefer to use the
strategy. IBM can successfully implement the strategy, not because it is a large
company, but its internal resources, core capabilities help companies with internal
development strategy.
, Right. Development strategy within an enterprise through the establishment of their
own internal resources, core competencies and market experience to develop
themselves. When the companies owns a set of existing enterprise value of capacity
(resources and capabilities), the enterprise can leverage effect or recombination Fa
Hui, Yi into the cause of Ling Yu Xin O'clock, Neibufazhan yes Dianxing the entry
, Is not correct. In general, as long as the innovation needed to develop innovative
businesses have complementary assets, particularly those who imitate imitation
barriers to innovation is high, the firm might consider using an internal development
strategy. Internal development strategy does not require companies to implement the
kind of strategy is built around technology-based enterprises.
, Is not correct. Internal development strategy for the successful implementation
depends on many factors, including access to the scale of the size, commercialization,
if properly implemented, etc., if these factors can not be met, the internal development
strategy will able to achieve success.
. When companies compete in different geographical regions, or have but not
necessarily overlapping product lines when a competitor made by the attack of
non-destructive direct action should be taken is which of the following strategies to
, To mislead rivals, or do not make action
, Of a deliberate action to make the first declaration of
, More powerful competitors on the market attack
, Launched a direct attack action
  Answer: C
  problem-solving ideas:
, is not correct. Mislead others to take or not take action to benefit the Company, this
is a deception. Cheating is a form of market signals, it should not be deliberately
, Is not correct. Competitors, market signals can be sent direct or indirect, on its
intentions, motives, goals or internal situation, it is a share in the market, indirect way,
is also a competitor analysis of the basic inputs.
, Right. In a more powerful competitor on the market will initiate action to avoid a
cross-way. This is an effective method, it can indirectly express their discontent, and a
more serious Lian as a threat.
, Is not correct. Major rival for the performance or reduce the threat to their goal of a
direct positive action may lead to opponents counterattack.
. In which product life cycle stage of change on the basis of a specific product, the
product may be the lowest asking price?
, Input stage
, Development stage
, Mature stage
, Recession
  Answer: C
  problem solving ideas:
, Is not correct. Almost no competition in the input stage, so the price is the highest. In
addition, at this stage the higher cost of the product.
, Is not correct. In the growth stage than at the input stage of low prices, but not as low
as in the mature stage. At this point the cost is declining, competition is increasing.
But cost is not minimal, and competitors have not reached the maximum.
, Right. The most intense competition in the mature stage, the cost to a minimum.
Therefore, the price to a minimum.
, Is not correct. In the recession, fewer competitors, so the price may rise. In addition,
costs may rise because of production decline.
. When an organization for international investment, it must take into account the
cultural dimension in order to avoid misunderstandings. Which of the following in a
work environment can not be described as a recognized cultural differences?
, Self-Control
, Power distance
, Masculine and feminine nature of
, Uncertainty Avoidance
  The answer: A
  problem-solving ideas:
, Right. Self-control or self-control is not the cultural dimension of the individual
, Is not correct. Power Distance is a cultural dimension, refers to the distribution of
power between the individual's acceptance of inequality.
, Is not correct. Masculinity and femininity of nature is a cultural dimension refers to
the people in society to the pursuit of achievement and success of a firm sense of
orientation and people for their relations, quality of life conscious trend.
, Is not correct. In a given society, people do not feel the uncertainty and the fuzzy
state by the threat of being referred to as uncertainty avoidance.
. Company A acquired Company B, Company B in the merger process engineering
manager of retirement, his office staff from the A's took over. Engineering
Department staff all have superb skills, but they always vigilant attitude towards the
new manager, unwilling to work with. Will the new manager should be following
what the best management style?
, Instruction type
, Participatory
, Marketing type
, License type
  Answer: B
  problem-solving ideas:
, Is not correct. Instruction-based management style that defined the role of leader,
told subordinates should be doing, how and when and where to shop and go dry style
of management, neither applies to subordinate capacity, but also do not want jobs. In
this question in the engineering department of the staff are highly skilled technical,
without specific guidance.
, Right. Participating in the management style means that the leaders and subordinates
who shared decision-making, the leader's main role is to Tigongbianli Tiaojian and
communication, capacity for Yu subordinates are reluctant to Gan Dan leader Rang of
their work in the case In this question, the main issue is lack of communication,
engineering staff willing to work with the new manager, so by participating, can
enhance communication, reduce barriers, promote mutual trust.
, Is not correct. Marketing-oriented leadership style of management that provide
guidance and support acts of sexual conduct, for lack of capacity in the subordinates,
but the leadership is willing to engage in assigned tasks case. In this question in the
engineering department of the staff are highly skilled technical, do not need leaders to
provide guidance of behavior, and they do not want to work with the new manager,
new manager can not provide support for sexual conduct.
, Is not correct. Authorization refers to the management style of leadership provides
little guidance or support for subordinates have the ability, and leadership so that they
are willing to do the job. The problem of engineering staff willing to work with the
new manager, therefore not suitable for this style. Only after the establishment of a
trust relationship to use this approach.
. Employees in various functions in cross-training positions?
, Magnifies
, Rotation
, Enrichment
, Re-design
  Answer: B
  problem-solving ideas:
, Is not correct. Horizontal job enlargement is the job expansion.
, Right. When the work has increasingly become a routine time, this training will
make job became less obnoxious, but also contribute to diversification of talent pool
and duties.
, Is not correct. Job enrichment involves the longitudinal expansion of functions and
allow workers to own control planning, implementation and performance evaluation.
, Is not correct. Diversification is not a post office re-design or re-design, but the job
. A good production team has worked together for years, but recently two members of
the team several times between the dispute, other members have begun the support
side, the team has had a negative impact . In this case, the best leadership style is
, Instruction type
, Support type
, Participatory
, Achievement-oriented
  The answer: A
  problem-solving ideas:
, Right. When a team faced a lot of internal conflict, direct style of leadership models
provide the highest subordinate satisfaction.
, Is not correct. When the task is highly structured, low pressure and arguments in
support of the type of style is the best.
, Is not correct. When subordinates feel that they can control their own destiny, the
participatory style of the most useful.
, Is not correct. When the task is ambiguous, when established, achievement-oriented
style is the best option.

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