Auditors learned skills: skills audit of the audit approach

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					Auditors learned skills: skills audit of the audit method

  skills audit method
  experience auditors to master and apply the appropriate audit approach is conducive
to direct the collection, valid evidence, the right to write the audit report, enhance
audit effectiveness. Here are some common audit methodology:
  of written information, inspection methods
  audits, encountered a large number of accounting information in writing, how to
check the authenticity of accounting data, accuracy and completeness of , commonly
used inspection methods:
  1, reviewed the law
  review of law, is the auditor to review and read accounting information to identify
the information and reflect the real economic activity in compliance and forensics
methods. Review the original documents, such as whether the altered, forged,
calculation errors, verification procedures are complete; examined whether the
accounting evidence content of the original certificate, the amount consistent; review
the books are complete, account is correct; review of whether the accounting
statements of abnormal data and so on.
  in the review process, the auditors audited units according to the different
circumstances of the following methods:
  (1) Shun search and inverse search method
  smooth check method, is along the accounting treatment in the order in order to
check the method. Namely: in turn review the original documents are true, legal,
accounting credentials are correct; various accounts of whether the registration is
correct; financial statements are accurate. Shun careful and comprehensive search
method, very few omissions and negligence, but time consuming and inefficient.
Mainly applicable to small scale business units, and less chaotic management, serious
  reverse search method, is defined as accounting procedures in the opposite direction,
followed by inspection methods. Starting with financial statements and accounting
books to find the problem and doubt, one by one follow-up examinations until the get
to the bottom. Reverse search method is more common in the modern audit methods
  (2) detailed investigation and sampling method
  detailed investigation of law refers to audit the audited accounting data within the
time frame to inspect all the methods. Mainly applicable to small scale business units,
and less chaotic management, serious units.
  sampling method is being reviewed from the accounting information (mainly refers
to the accounting documents), in accordance with certain methods, a number of
samples selected for inspection, and sampling results to infer according to the general
characteristics of an inspection method . Sample the total number of general control
should be between 25% -40%. There are two commonly used sampling method:
  random sampling method is applied probability and statistics to determine the
sample size, assess the results of the samples, and infer the general characteristics of
methods. Found to be audited in the absence of obvious weaknesses of the case, can
use this method.
 Judgement sampling refers to the auditor to determine based on professional
judgments sample size, sampling and sample results to assess the general
characteristics of the inference methods.
 2, check method
 check method, refer to the auditor accounting information related to the data were in
accordance with its internal relations with each other, review the inspection to obtain
audit evidence in a way. Check the main content:
 (1) card check card, or original documents and accounting documents for
 (2) account card checking account credentials will be checked with all kinds of
 (3) accounts and check the upcoming journal entries and ledger reconciliation, and a
breakdown and general ledger reconciliation;
 (4) checking account table, about to check the general ledger and financial
 (5) outstanding check the data about the balance sheet and income statement
 (6) the accounts and check books about physical records, physical assets and
physical monitoring twine card body check, usually take with the Counting method;
 (7) verification of accounting data and other information, such as bank deposits,
bank statements, journal entries and check out the storage records and calculation of
costs carried forward and other accounting records check.
 3, complex algorithms
 complex algorithm, is the auditor of the audited units of accounting information in
the data, checking or otherwise calculated to determine whether the correct way. Such
as depreciation of fixed assets, bad debt reserves, staff welfare expenses, trade union
funds, staff education costs, tax payable and other accrued and prepaid expenses and
amortization of deferred assets, exchange gains and losses calculation.
 4, Adjustment Act
 Adjustment Act, refers to the auditors in the review, checking and re-calculation
errors found during the relevant provisions of the data adjusted by a method. Auditors
audit report writing, audit results should be adjusted to correct the audit data; if he do
not want to adjust the audited, auditors should be disclosed in the audit report.
 2, objective survey methods
 audit, often by checking the written information other than the investigation and
evidence collection methods, these methods are:
 1, query method
 query method refers to the auditors and audit issues relevant units and individuals,
written or oral inquiry to verify or obtain other audit evidence that the new audit trail
of evidence to provide a method.
 query can be divided into surface consultation and circularization.
 face consultation, refer to the auditors on the issue directly to the officer asked and
been asked to sign in asking a way to record.
 circularization, is the auditor sent a letter to the relevant units or individuals to
demonstrate a method of an audit matters. Such as: To confirm receivables, payables
authenticity, accuracy, and often use this method.
 observation observation, is the auditors to the audited unit establishments and other
relevant places inspected to confirm that a method of audit matters. Observation of the
internal control system, such as the specific implementation of the situation.
 3. Counting Method
 Counting Method, is the auditor of the audited units of property, materials,
equipment, monetary funds and securities field monitoring disk to a method of
problem verified. Counting method must check the law
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