; Zodiac Zodiac qualifying trials
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Zodiac Zodiac qualifying trials


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									Zodiac Zodiac qualifying trials

 Zodiac trials viewers mice

 Zodiac Zodiac qualifying trials
 Zhang Huashe drizzle sixth grade Tan Yu-chiao

  Today, the forest held the trials of 12 zodiac, the impression on the audience, the top
12 players will be assessment for the 12 animals. A different clubs are coming to join,
with fat pigs also come to the pier, showing interest in players of the game is how
strong ah!
  game started, you players fully shown his talent to conquer the audience. Came the
waves of overwhelming the audience applause. Just over half of the race, entered the
white-hot, and the audience cheers wave after wave.
  after a fierce rivalry, mice and old cattle into the championship final. Tiger heroic
spirit, ranked third; rabbit gentle lovely, came in fourth; off the dragon came in the
fifth ... ...
  mice and cattle in the finals began. After another several rounds of competitions, not
ceded a level. Suddenly, the bright rats had an idea, thought of a perfect and
wonderful good terms, they proudly said: "The cow uncle, the two of us in strength,
and then apt will not separate the high and low. I think more than anyone else, or to
more than great. We own the negative, took to the streets so that people who give us
judge by large, how? "cattle readily agreed, was secretly pleased:" mouse really dizzy,
and I'm more than size, presumptuous. "
  they take to the streets. Cattle are proud occasion, the street came the "hit the rat, the
rat fight," the voice of: cow only heard "Big rat, big rat," understand where the voice
of the people complaining about the "hit big rat." Mouse proudly climbed the cow's
body, leaned close its ears: how, do you hear people talking about who great you?
"Sick of cattle heard, they desperately them the head. Mouse back in the cow jumping,
cheering ... ...
  mouse with resourcefulness ultimately won the championship.

 Instructor: Hu Kangquan

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