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					Forest Park Animal Tour Maoming Maoming City

 Maoming, Maoming City, Forest Park Animal

 Tour of Maoming Forest Park

 Tour of Maoming Forest Park
 Guangdong Maoming City officials in Maoming City, Hill School 6 (2) Class Zhou
 Yang Guan bright today, the weather warm. We are going to Forest Park, a play.

 car along the way we laugh and soon arrived at the outskirts of the West sad
Maoming forest park.

 waves just get off on hearing loud and clear voice. Into the forest park gate, we saw
many tourists, young and old, in groups like us, has accompanied it. We are a leisurely
stroll in the park to the right to woods trail, small roadside is lush maple. Yi Keke
maple like a sword piercing the sky, yet also seemed a bit guarded day and night, the
mighty warrior beautiful Forest Park. Then I took a deep breath, a quiet feeling wells

  go forward along the path, soon came to a children's playground, children's
playground Children's play item colorful, rock climbing wall, plum post, to seek, I

 Later, I toured the famous gallery, the crocodile pool, Tree Birds, green corridor ... ...
all attractions decorated, always decorated, and has witnessed the joy of the festive

 tour of the most interesting place is the animal house. The villa is an animal shelter,
so it is called animal house. You see, this side of the mast body dragging the
porcupine, sweet potato is great interest in eating it! That side of cairica are
outstretched tongues, ready to devour the chicken. On the other side is wonderful,
several large pythons are open Xuepentaikou, to show visitors their own style.

 gain or loss of plant gossip the most challenging maze. I even told his family than
sapiential Yong, see who die first office maze. I do not know who designed embattle
bewildering twists and turns. Old wisdom, intelligent young people, and our children's
clever up can be most vividly from the game play. I am in a maze of twists and turns,
can enjoy a taste of "mountain heavy water re suspect has a silver lining," the
wonderful feeling. I have been able to come out because I take a lot of the old road, in
the labyrinth of pocket to pocket to discover the mystery, that is straight ahead from
the entrance, met bifurcation junction, on the left to go, and finally Turn right to go.
This will go out.
 quick 1:00, and there are some spots we do not watch that, but we all have been
hungry, and had to drive to lunch. I sat in the car like: Forest Park is crystal clean
people in Maoming, Maoming, it rallied the people's blood and sweat and wisdom, it
attracts many tourists inside and outside the province.

 I love Maoming Forest Park!

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