Writing really really makes me mad obsession by fdjerue7eeu


									Writing really made me mad really make fascinated

 really so obsessed with writing like

  I love the elementary school language teacher, like her smile, like her words, more
like her I comment on the article, therefore, can be said that when I became a fan of
writing, my language teacher with 23 years of age, she looks very beautiful. I usually
like to cry when her sister, she gladly accepted.
  I had from the school dance, painting. Accordion, but not long-term interest. I can
not stand dance posture, drawing lines, accordion boring music, I always think they
are living in my box so I could not move, they not only dull and boring.
  I like writing, like Chinese dance. Punctuation of lines, figures of speech spectrum
from the music, and I prefer a man sitting quietly in my room writing, looked at the
sky and see the autumn, pen to paper and writing, will enrich all of my life after
  for every article written, I love to share my primary language teacher, she also
reward patient reading and comment me, I like the teacher's comments in good faith,
the sincere guidance of my article, so I With a growing use of spare time to write
about writing and diaries.
  teacher told me that life is colorful, nature is colorful, and she also told me that any
thing can be visual, smell. Hearing, touch and other all-round experience, she told me,
if carefully observed, the smallest things can glance, she told me ... ...
  is because of her, I love writing.
  primary school, I put all the articles primary, finishing a little, carefully bound up, all
gave her written again get all my verses, written in sorting out <advantages.
Worry point Poetry> gave her. I remember I wrote up an article is a myth,
then a hot head, he wrote more than two months time, up to more than 10,000 words
of the story, the book called "What I Indigenous life>. Something like
<Robinson drift "Record to write I was bragging to be involved in a summer
camp activities, as experienced many incredible things, unfortunately, the wind falling
to the magical story of an indigenous island. She knew that after the support and
encouragement has given me so that my article has continued.
  because the case, since then, I have more confidence in writing. Maybe this is my
writing edge it! Writing therefore also more fascinated!
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