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					Writing a boss boss

 gentle side of his boss

 writing a

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  Sichuan Tongchuan District of Dazhou Tongchuan District for two Grade 5 classes 6
gold Gan Lu
  ... ...
  night, the boss back. He saw a place for the stage in ink and pen, as well as splash
ink was dry on the table. Readily picked up a barbed wooden sticks, quickly came to
the corridor, and drag any card hit. Side of the playing side also cursed: "Chou Xiaozi,
dare steal my stuff. Said, take what the?" Where card biting his lips, that thorn despite
his body, gently sobbing. After a long boss fight tired, breathing heavily, leaving the
wooden sticks, and left. Where the card lying on the floor, with no effort. Two clear
streams trickle from his eyes out. He gently rubbed his ass can just touch of hand, an
intense pain and welling up. All cards with a sigh, can be thought of Grandpa is
coming to pick him home, his face has emerged out of a child's smile special. Where
the card sleepy sleepy, pain on waking him two.
  The next day, where the strong name of the spirit to continue to work cards. The day
before, was hit by curse, a dog does not like to live life. When he was hurt, he
immediately wanted to pick up his grandfather, loach and the old black bitch Karsh
once card, in turn inspired, a lot of fun. But he absolutely could not think of that seal
better than precious letter, has long been torn to pieces, had gone in the wind. That in
the distant loved his grandfather, also a flood in the summer of his life is taken away.
All cards ah so, one day a week, month, 3 months later, Grandpa was not there, he
was disappointed. 5 months, 7 months, one year later, Grandpa never came, he was
  at last, one day. Where the card no longer could not help but miss, put on breaking
jacket, ran home barefoot. But he is really cold, take a few days way too sleepy. He
slept in the snow-covered snow and closed my tired eyes. Never ever really shut his
eyes that day ... ...

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