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 writer, mother, their Women's Day

 writer, mother, writer, mother,
 Experimental Primary School 242 class Hao Yin Yin

 description of his mother
 Teacher Li's essay today is to introduce the layout of their mother.
 home, Factive started writing his own compositions, wrote half of Factive head on
the card of the shell, do not know how to write down, Factive ask Mr. Xia Tianhai.
 Factive holding a book, roll it up, learn to like reporters, sitting on the sofa watching
Mr. Xia Tianhai all seriousness, Mr. Xia Tianhai accepted Factive the "news."
 "long story ... ...."
 Factive impatient: "Come on, long story short."
 "what to say?"
 "said her mother's love.% D % A "Your mother loved sports, always took me to run.
She also loved to laugh, very childish. "
 Factive mother is a writer, wrote many works, Factive growing up also want to be a
writer because she wrote the words that writers can get paid for them, too easy.

 memorable Women's Day
 Today is International Women's Day, Factive school to celebrate Women's Day, a
holiday afternoon. Factive think Jie Jie, Meng Yu and Huang Ya walk together,
discussing how his mother had to well this Women's Day, Factive, said: "Women's
Day to lead meaningful, so that my mother will never forget. "Huang Ya, said:"
Women should have a mother most like. "
 Factive home, first wrote a good essay, because Factive Factive mother wanted to
grow up as a writer, if she saw Factive was such a good composition, will be glad and
the. Factive mother Factive writing, reading, said: "Factive, it is you write it? Great,
you just can be a writer. "
 Factive was delighted that she immediately went out and bought a book because
Factive mother's favorite reading, and sometimes at night even can not sleep, Factive
the book to my mother, my mother cried at.

  most admired idol
  Factive The mother of idol is Ba Jin, house are many Ba Jin's literary works, Factive
nothing when they see, over time Factive composition level increased a lot Zhu
teachers often take Factive essay to read, which makes Factive that her mother is a
fairy, give their own good luck.
  Factive most admires her mother.

 "househusband "
 Factive mother would not cook, she never even been to the kitchen.
 that Factive what they eat?
 has always been Mr. Xia Tianhai cooking, Factive called him "house husband." Do
not say you, Mr. Xia Tianhai do pretty tasty meal.

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