; Wonderful clothes phenomenon phenomenon
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Wonderful clothes phenomenon phenomenon


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									Wonderful phenomenon clothes phenomenon

 strange phenomenon balcony clothes

  wonderful phenomenon
  Yiwu Niansanli street magic the first primary school to the incomparable wisdom of
nature, as long as we are willing to carefully observation, you will find many
wonderful phenomena. My experience has been such a thing, makes me curious
  Saturday, I went to the balcony receive clothes, clothes collection complete back,
happened to see a black spider on the wall, it is weaving. I ran into her room, the
clothes down and ran back terrace to see spider. It crept over the web crawling, while
climbing the side of your mouth to spit out an silver wire, climb faster network to the
bigger organizations. Science teacher at a small animal observation furnished exactly
the operation. Spider so interesting, I decided to come when it's my observation object.
I stare at the spider, can it knit network, the network would just sit inside, motionless,
after about half an hour, my eyes are looking sour, it was not unusual. I am very
disappointed, had sadly left the balcony. Sunday morning, I sat in the living room sofa,
sighing, her mother, carrying a bowl of fruit came over her to see me this look, sitting
next to me kindly said to me: "Xiaohui, children what gas ah sigh ? is not matter what
goes wrong? his mother one. "I bow, said:" The teacher let me observe an animal, I
should like to observe the spider, but did not receive my love, sitting in a motionless
line, You say what did I observe? "Mom cut a fruit to me, said:" this thing ah. Hui,
nature is very wonderful, but these magic than meets the eye out, over a thin
observation can be found. "listening to my mother, I naturally cheerful, eating fruit, I
went to the balcony observed spiders, but also bring my baby magnifying glass.
  to the balcony, then in the spider web spider ran. Could it too small network, then the
larger organization? Just began to feel nothing can be after a while children, we can
see the problem coming, how this network of smaller organizations do more? I used a
magnifying glass to read, that which is woven net, obviously you eat Network! I have
questions about this, but I also felt a great sense. In order to clarify this problem, I
went to ask, "Why do thousands of" Sir. This made me suddenly realized that this is
the case: a spider web out of very sticky, to stick insects, can be a long time, the net is
not sticky, and not stick insects, and spiders eat Bianba old network, then spit out a
new silk spider's web.
  Nature has a lot of magic, it is waiting for us to explore it. Friends, use your eyes to
observe it, with the heart to find it!
  Instructor: Yue-Ping Jiang

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