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					Wish me happy birthday happy birthday gift

 happy birthday to her birthday present

  year, I met a girl named Ms Lin. Her outstanding achievements, the family is very
wealthy, who look very pretty, always smiling, one with long dark hair to the waist,
were more noble. Only, there are many times I go to her home that she and her nanny
were only two.
  day is her birthday, I took a glass picture frame came to her home, the door ajar, I
knocked on the door, pushed inside. She wore a see light green long skirt, soft
clothing or jewelry with fine, blowing about her feet. I approached her, she was
looking at a cake trance, I looked at the hands of the gift photo frame? In fact, I did
not know what gift she wants. So I asked her. "Yes ah, quick birthday then, gifts ... ...
frame it, I want one to retain the good things of things." Dark hair as she bowed her
head and covered her face, I can not see her face, but I still hear her words of grief.
  I picked up a small table, note that read:

 Dear Ms, I'm sorry, even though today is your birthday, but my parents have an
important customer to sign, Sorry, you asked a couple of fellow students before! gifts
we have bought, and that necklace you will love it.
 parents stay

  sudden, I see everything, not only from this piece of paper, and her words of grief. In
fact, she never told me this is my own to come. She kept clapping and singing: "Wish
me a happy birthday, Happy birthday to myself ... ..." I looked at her, suddenly
realized, after her smile more hidden deep sadness. One birthday it? I put down the
frame, turned away.
  From then on, when I went to her home, always saw the picture frame, always see a
cake, sitting alone next to her ... ...
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