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									West Zhejiang Grand Canyon Rafting Grand Canyon

 West Zhejiang Grand Canyon rafting skin raft

 Grand Canyon Rafting

  Grand Canyon Rafting
  Changshu, Jiangsu Province Central Primary School of Changshu City cemetery, six
(1) Zhang Han Zhou
've long heard of West Zhejiang Grand Canyon raft activities are very interesting, and
today has finally happened.

 by more than four hours by car to western Zhejiang, lunch then after an hour of
bumpy journey came to the Grand Canyon. Just the car, discovered the Grand Canyon
really deserved reputation. Here deep forests, fresh air, stone shapes and sizes, jet
changing, rich rustic charm, the mountains form a spectacular promenade.

 tour guide as we came to the drift start. I can not wait to wear protective clothing,
jumped into skin raft. He Sheng drifting with the boatmen of the noise started.

 skin raft down the river, the beauty of both sides to do by the eyes, the river bank
long blocks out the sun with shade trees, large trees that the Xicao green downy, that
Pitt Yingying moss distribution the fragrance. In hot weather, the scenery was cool
people both physically and mentally.

 While I relish, enjoy the beauty of the shore when suddenly appeared in front of the
back jet, the original of the water was stone block, also has back back, happened and
skin raft hit a "full" it was Xiandao the air, in the air "snapping" in the drops fell
during the night down. I was this sudden "artificial rain" soaked semi-dry, strange

  finished just before I complain about the "artificial rain", appeared in front of a
"sudden incident": a cliff not far from there. I rush to grip skin raft on the knot, with
the "Bang" sound, skin raft down the turbulent water straight from the cliff and fell off.
"Fortunately, all right!" I happen to like. The idea has not disappeared from the brain,
skin raft actually hit another dark stone, lake skin raft tilted the momentum in the
irrigation came from behind. Me sitting in the back can be tragic, the whole lower
body was soaked in water.

 did not take long, we are faced with the huge boulders, skin raft again stumble and
bumper for a while before tossing the past.

 has experienced several setbacks difficult, we finally into a calm lake. River
becomes of trees, the water can clearly see the light of the pebbles, birds seem to
celebrate our return.

 landing, I think, the magical nature was so strange, sometimes exciting, sometimes
wonderful relief. The aftermath of the Grand Canyon rafting trip, I also find it

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