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					Water Wizard Wizard Mercury

 Wizard Mercury up girls,

 water fairy

 water fairy in Nanyang Primary School 502 Oil No. 3 Wang Dan
 mascot is an enthusiastic little fairy, she came from Mercury. The following story is
in her lie with him.

 Chapter: to Earth

 Eastern Venus also go up, Star City of Fantasy is also pervasive, and people were
busy, busy inside, only Lin Ching-In home writing, she was a fanciful child.

 day has passed, the night is so quiet, only to draw a light line of air. Subsequently,
Lin Ching-it awoke, she saw clearly, in her bed, sitting in a whole body transparent
girl. She surprised speechless, but can be active girls say hello to her: "Hello, hello! I
called the water wizard, from Mercury, you better call me a child of water." "Oh, my
name is Lin Qing, you children can call me clear. No, no, you better call me Lin
Ching. "Oh, water wizard cheerful smile, she knew Lin Ching still hostile to her, but
she also had a good idea.

 "What can be your friend?" Water Wizard Xiaoshengdewen Road.

 "can of course Yeah! I'd like to." Lin Ching said.

  so she can chat with both. Before long, she was both on the familiar, Lin Ching-play
it with her everywhere. They became good friends, but of that point of hostility by Lin
Ching-not consumers.

 Chapter: Water Wizard, a good way to

 sunny day is like all weekend. That day, Lin Ching-star garden with a water wizard
to play.

 "What fun there, really?" Water Wizard said doubtfully.

  "can be fun! Acrobatic performances have a door, and go inside the lake, playground,
lawn, rockery, and Central Park, there are trains, a lot of it, really, can be fun ! "Lin
Ching-intoxicated, eyes closed, said.

 hearing Lin Qing, she both flew into the garden and began a happy journey.
  to garden, Lin Ching-like birds came out, running around together, and even daring
to play on train tracks. "Beep beep" sounded a loud train whistle. Lin Ching cried, but
the escape was too late. Then Lin Ching-shut eyes, waiting for death to come. Water
Wizard alarmed, raised his wand, quietly Nianliaoyiju spell. A miracle happened, the
train stopped, the water wizard to save the life of Lin Ching. She applied a little magic,
so that the people (other than Lin Ching) are forgotten just happened (because it is the
mascot of a prank planned in advance, it can eliminate her hostility Lin Ching).

 Lin Ching-not in the mood to play, and she was leading scorer in the water wizard
returned home. Although she did not say what his mouth, but was filled with water
thanks to the wizard.

 Look, water wizard more smart, trick where design, the elimination of the Lin Ching
hostility to her in exchange for a precious friendship.

 Chapter: They come to another world

 day of water elves and the Battle to Defend the Earth by Lin Ching-play games.
Suddenly, a flash of gold, both of her sucked.

 the time to the past, water wizard woke up around her push, Lin Qing, wake her.

 "What is this place, how can we come here?" Lin Ching asked anxiously.

 "do not know, let me check." Water fairy Otherwise, check up and eyes closed.

 "is the fantasy world of the Devil."

 "Dream Master Q What is it? What it is, and we can go back to What?"

 " energy, Dream Master Q is a monster-infested areas. itself extremely bleak, but at
the time of the year 077, where there is a person who called the potential. They
opened here into the present like this. but then, it occurred the dispute, so that
harmonious families broken, and now it is war! "Water Wizard satisfaction.

 "Oh, that we can live here it?" Lin Ching asked.

 "Yes, we go to the army when the army, division." Otherwise, Lin Ching pulled

 Chapter IV: When the army, division, happy life after the

 "look, the size of this army so great, definitely the first. As we go to army in When
the armies and divisions it! "Water Wizard said.

 "good." Lin Ching cunning wizard walked along the water.

 arrived in base, water wizard water wizard looks unusual appearance was
extraordinary general fancy, General military staff let her do.

 a few days later, Jiang Miao Zhang entry to the war, water wizard is Zhang Xiang's
army, division. Water Wizard Qiazhiyisuan, know the circumstances Chiang Miao
army was drawn up a thorough operational plans, unexpectedly, it was Chiang Miao
of eyeliner heard leaked military secrets. All this is water wizard did not even know.
War, and the water wizard according to plan, the enemy on pressing harder and harder,
which makes the water wizard puzzled. Suddenly, she saw an arrow aimed Lin Qing,
her surprise, they quickly will be Lin Ching relent. Shot, but it hit the water wizard.

 Chapter V: purity of heart

 lovely little fairy fell, she was as clear water flowing blood, her mouth open, to Lin
Ching-tell her last words. If not finished, she stopped breathing, ever leave this
beautiful world, abandoned her best friend, alone and left.

 moment, Lin Ching returned home, she was still sitting in the room, nothing has
changed, but more around a pool of crystal clear water. What then is the dream? No,
no, she is really, what is true is it to Lin Ching realize what a true friendship. Lin
Ching-silent cry, her tears dripping water in a wizard of the body, with her blend.

  window of the sky is so beautiful, the clouds floating one. Birds flying in the sky,
flowers blooming in the quiet. Lin Ching-Wei You cry in my mind: "Why? Why?"

 Instructor: Probe into Thinking
 Comment: full of imagination, very good The
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