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									Wasp wasp storm storm

 wasp crisis Malaysian students

 wasp storm

 wasp storm Putian City, Fujian Province, Lin Feng Primary 4 Ban Cai Yi
 quiet classroom is often unexpected interesting will happen.

  It is a language class, students are concentrating on homework. Suddenly, not only
coming from where a large wasp, attracted the attention of students, the classroom
becomes quiet under the original may be some noise! The giant wasp became the
focus of the students. It circled the students head for a moment, I suddenly fell in front
of a female classmate braided horn, the female student who was too frightened to
move. After a child, a large wasp falls on the sleeve of a male classmate, that male
students did not seem to notice, and so on at the same table to remind him that he was
shocked. This is, I wonder how, from the window it was a wasp flying, fell on a girl's
desk, the girl who scared "ah" to a scream, boiling up on this work, female students
one by one scared Su Zhetou hide under the table, a few bold boys raised their
textbooks, styled rack, made an appearance to fight with the wasp, but also proud to
say: "Now that we Khan, dignified man, real man, playing Shuawei Feng's ok! "There
are two men also took up the broom as a weapon, while the East, while West, the large
wasp was nowhere to escape in time, and eventually sent to the corner the two large
wasp the Western Paradise. "Hey, wasp have died, you out!" The boys exclaimed air.
Only girls who head out one by one, relieved.

 this storm finally calmed down.

 Instructor: Rui Xu, Hong

 Submission :2004-6-2713: 21:28
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