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Warm warm photo album


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									Warm warm photo album

 warm father photo album

 warm album

 warm album
 Fuyang City, Anhui Province, Anhui Province Fuyang City, North Town Primary
School 6 (1) Wu Han class
 laugh every time I look at the family album that more than 10 thick, I have bathed
brings tears like the sun, feel the warm spring breeze. Warm album over and over
again brought back my memories.

 My family has a Ricoh camera, listening to his father said, this camera and I could.

  father is a photography enthusiast, I have been a father of video cameras in the main
target. 10 years, thousands of photos recording the growth of my happy childhood.

  I suck from mother's milk to my babbling, toddler; from my bumper car ride to the
candle illuminates my birthday; lives from kindergarten to kite flying to the blue sky;
from Mom took my hands to send me to school, to the father sitting in the hospital
bed watching protected me; magnificent Great Wall, I figure there; the top of the
beautiful Huangshan have my posture; Golden Water Bridge side have I waved;
Tiananmen Square, I sat in his father's shoulders, staring at the flag guard team will
flag the bright rising ... ... the pictures made me feel an upsurge of emotion, a picture
taken everywhere so I relaxed and happy. Is the camera's lens captured my footprint
grow, is the photo album allows me to grow the clock back. I can always revisit those
happy moments.

  father around the house distributed into more than 10 photos in this album, I hold

  third year, one time I look at albums, found my album appeared two strange
photographs: one is the father cut out newspaper pictures - "Desire" , pictures on the
little girl, big eyes wide open, are eager for something; another photo of the little girl
is in the rain is muddy country lanes, against the wind the rain to go to school. Dad
told me, "big eyes" a girl child poverty in the mountainous area, money to go to
school, she was eager to go to school; rain in the little girl is my aunt's daughter, and I
am the same age, previous school, return to go 89 miles. Upon hearing my heart sad.
Think about it, I go to school just to go 45 minutes in the road, and sometimes parents
also pick me!

 strange since I saw the two pictures, I know there are many children the world as
happy as I can not go to school. Whenever I want to get lazy in learning, I think the
pair are like "desire" to go to school "big eyes" at the moment looking at me, who go
to school the little girl in the rain at the spur me, seems to have a voice in my ear
reverberate: Look how happy you are! How do you not value a good time to learn it? I
am ashamed. Is that they again and again led me to overcome difficulties in learning,
study hard.

 in the parents of the album, I can not find their childhood photos.

 Now, I have a home computer and digital camera, and my father gave me more of
the photographs, the contents of electronic album really wonderful ah!

  warm album, ah, a record of my happy childhood. I know that every photo of my
Mom and Dad are embodied love and hope. Now, whenever I revisit those good times
of happiness, my pair of eyes always appeared "eager" to school "big eyes" and who
go to school in the village the rain girl ... ...
  guidance teacher: Jiangyue Zhou Wu Hongjun
  Comment: Small on the method by lyrical memories of opening to contrast the way
the foil, described his childhood life experience and perception, sincere. Text
language fluency, see the truth in plain, between the lines were full of literary grace,
makes time to kind of natural. Precious photos, one by one memorable scene, the
growth of a string of footprints ... ... such as the spring breeze was blowing, like small
springs in winter, filled the hearts of countless people touched.

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