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					Trees and small trees trees trees

 small tree roadside trees 一棵

 big trees and small trees
% D% trees and small trees A railway Dongfang City in Hainan Province Primary 5
(2) Lin Yong Cen

  street, a tree, which stood for many years, gradually shedding the bark in its side, the
recently planted a small tree.
  tree on the tree, said enthusiastically: "The kids, welcome aboard." Finish out his
hand to shake hands and small trees.
  little tree looked up and down the tree, contemptuously: "You look at you, then hand
over rough, laughing face was wrinkled, and the nerve to shake hands with me to see
the way you are sick."
  small tree up every morning, a roadside pond in the mirror that is large and proudly
watched his face, although the tree is very old, but he insists that every morning to do
morning exercises.
  small tree glanced at him: "You are so old and still doing morning exercises, you still
have a good rest a3, get free time may feel good twist to the waist slightly.
  tree with a smile: "I do morning exercises is to exercise the deeper roots a bit, if I
break it, but will not live longer. "
  small tree to ignore a tree, do not listen to a tree, then, will only look in the mirror
every day, not for exercise, his roots have been floating on the surface, do not be
persuaded, the underground root can not be He has not noticed.
  day burst of storm hit, because the tree's roots do not bar deep, the one on the down
wind, and trees are moving, tree saw the tree to fall, and quickly grasp tree arm pull
small trees. the wind after the sun shining, trees help young trees a narrow escape, he
not only did not thank the tree, but also deliberately patted his arm and said coldly:
"Who will save you ah, I prefer to wind down, than the rough your hand dirty my arm.
  sigh side while the old tree, said:" Alas! Today's children how on looks ah, no way. "
  day passed day by day, little trees grew, and he learned their lesson this time, up
early for exercise, but there are a number of bugs crawling around on him, sick to
death, tree saw , go to the woodpeckers to help small trees, woodpeckers eat castor Nu
of these insects on the tree in earnest: "You see trees continue to help you, but also tell
you some little knowledge, you are constantly irony he , laughed at him, you do not
feel ashamed? "
  little tree looked down on a tree listening to, said:" Grandpa I am sorry, I was wrong,
can you forgive me? "
  old tree with a smile:" It does not matter, rectifies it is the good boy! "
  From then on, old trees and small trees to help each other, become best friends, the
body grew strong trees, small trees grow every day!
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