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									Traffic Accident Traffic Accident

 traffic accident tricycle grandfather

 traffic accident

  traffic accident in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province Changshu, Jiangsu Five Xieqiao
Central Primary School (7) classes Wu Ying-tim
  in front of my house this gravel road is really tiny, it is the mini is not too excessive,
I opened a neighbor uncle small correction has repeatedly crashed car into the
roadside gullies in two motorcycle while crossing over also, and a tricycle to do a
little cross but had difficulty, plus, is riding a tricycle in the most number of elderly
people , the reaction is not very sensitive, more likely a crash. Walk on this gravel
road, my mother always inevitably say, "Well, this route will be built when it was a
little wide!"

 Look, and today there was an accident.

  about 8:00, there is a grandfather and a middle-aged man collide. Only heard a burst
brakes, followed by "splash" was originally a middle-aged man riding a motorcycle is
the rapid advance of the next head came up a slope whe n riding tricycles as "rapid"
progress grandfather, That is less than middle-aged hit man dodge grandfather,
middle-aged men with Lianren Dai car rolled downhill and into a quagmire, 1:00 get
up again, grandfather of the tricycle also hit a roadside wire pole. Coincides with the
time came a good-hearted people to middle-aged man came out from the quagmire of
the lira, and the motorcycle up onto the path fishing. They attend to the road could not
wait to ask the grandfather had not been injured, or else go to the hospital. Although
the grandfather intact, middle-aged men and take the initiative to accompany to the
grandfather of 50 dollars. Then middle-aged men are barefoot, carrying Zhanman
sludge footwear, came to the pond clean, like a good one embarrassed! Barefoot,
middle-aged men step onto motorcycles opened the throttle lever to launch a few step,
is anxious to leave, but the engine broke down, how hard will not start, even though
he is so anxious to go to work, but he could do nothing but Tuizhao Ju wa lk away.
Meanwhile, the grandfather of the tricycle could barely push, from time to time,
"Crash Kacha cracking" sound, it goes without saying that failure is not a small

  "'to' the peace, 'grab' the source of the disaster!" Security phrase is also bad publicity
words right, you had better our students learn their way from school to school, do not
rush, keep in mind Safety First.

 Instructor: Wai-Kuen Wong
  Brief Review: there is little of keen observation, to pay close attention to the little
things happening around us, a true record with little traffic, After the accident, both
Lang Beixiang described most vividly, even more valuable is the small of realize from
this accident, "'to' peace, 'grab' the source of the disaster!" and to caution s tudents to
pay attention to traffic safety .

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