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Tortoise and the hare hare doctor jump


									Tortoise and the hare hare jump doctor

 jump tortoise hare doctor

 tortoise and the hare the tortoise jump

 rabbit jump Dehua five flights anderstanding% Experimental Primary School D% A
 win since the tortoise and the hare the tortoise, the hare that the tortoise cheating.
Decisions and turtle a showdown over the high jump.
 turtle chiefs like: "We know that turtles do not jump high, even higher than the!
Really go too far!" As long as it ordered the award to win this game on a Mercedes
and a turtle villa.
 day before the race, the tortoise to the hare family, he respectfully said to the hare:
"Rabbit Boss, your body good right?"
 "has Come! Just got a little sore tomorrow to sheep The doctor there to take some
medicine, it all right. "Rabbit said dismissively:" how do you not at home to properly
prepare, what your dry ah? run it to care about me? "
" Rabbit Boss, which, I, I ... ... "turtle hesitant hesitantly.
 Rabbit understand somewhat, stressing each syllable to say: "Do not look down upon
me, let us be clear about the strength. You will do good to be true of."
 turtle would also like to sweet talk a few words rabbit can be seen his face resolutely,
had sadly gone. Suddenly, the turtle eyeball a turn, toward the sheep, the doctor's
clinic, the doctor whispered with a burst of sheep, goat doctor nodding vigorously.
 second day of the competition held as scheduled, the rabbit goes to jump, obviously
more than the tortoise, win it! Rabbit collar is pleased to take the podium, this time,
but either seize the opportunity to guide the monkey in front of a microphone into the
rabbit, said: "First of all, congratulations on your win in one fell swoop, and
then ... ..."
 "Wait." Following the sound we looked, see the referee Ann ran out of breath, and
solemnly said: "I regret to tell you, the original very good game, faced a new situation,
the rabbit in the game taking a prohibited drug, To demonstrate the seriousness of the
competition, really embodies the principle of fair competition, cancellation of rabbit
race results, and to give his life ban from the sport, a warning to others, the contest
winner turtle. "finish walk away. The audience whisper, whisper, coincidentally sights
on rabbits, seems inconceivable.
 sudden change in the face of this, the rabbit transfixed, suddenly fainted.
 three days later, driven to distraction in the rabbit on the road and saw the turtle are
driving, see also broke the thatched cottage was empty, can be next to a villa.
 rabbit finally came to understand why things happen, and suddenly, he tears ... ...

 Teacher: Lin Hung-co

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