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					To a letter from the President of the 2008 Olympic Games Olympic Games Olympic

 letter to the President the Olympic Games in China

 to the letter from the Chairman of the 2008 Olympic Games

 Chairman of the 2008 Olympic Games to the letter
 Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City, 603 Primary Nanyuan Mei Jia Tony
 respect for the Olympic Games President:


 When you open this letter, you do not have doubts. I am just an ordinary girl, an
ordinary Chinese people. In your eyes, I may just be a small person. However, I am a
more than 1.2 billion people in China a member, must be bent to the motherland. So, I
would like you - the distinguished President of the Olympic Games, about the long
hidden in my heart the words.

  I grew very weak body, indeed can not withstand any wind and rain, school sports
results are often "Raise the Red Lantern." Therefore, my heart always hung a stone.
However, I did not because of his poor physical performance and heart Huileng, there
is still a sporting heart. In with different kinds of sports competitions, as long as the
Chinese team to participate, I will keep the television on time for cheer athletes
motherland, so that they work harder, to win honor for the motherland.

 You will remember that memorable scene in 2000 it? China's first Olympic bid was
successful! This solemn declaration, it is like that gentle spring breeze, spread to
millions of households. China's 1.2 billion people, almost at the same time Viiv up,
everyone cheering, jumping forward, his heart no longer irrepressible excitement and
emotion. Especially sports "iron buddy" who could not help more tears. Of course, I
am no exception, the successful Olympic bid, represents China to grow rapidly, on
behalf of the Chinese people no longer "sick man of Asia", I can represent the
motherland the power of their own cotton silk. This is how it makes me not waiting?

  Time flies like water over the last, a flash, four years later. In the Athens Olympics,
athletes in our country courageously forward to another one of China won an
unexpected gold medal, China's strength by leaps and bounds, ranking second only to
the United States, people of the time these activities you see it? We Chinese are not
timid, "coward", but to create heroes: Chinese Women in the eclipsed 20 years later,
the re-rise, gold medal; Liu Xiang won the Asian track and field medals, breaking the
Olympic record, equaled the world record ... ... these great achievements, and you see
it? China today is not yesterday, it is discarded long ago. It laughed at a small country
in the coming Beijing Olympic Games, We will redouble our efforts to add color to
Beijing, China to thespians. 4 years later when you come to the feng shui treasure -
China to watch the 29th Olympic Games, you can not be too surprised, because all the
people in Beijing speak more than 300 words in English and foreign friends exchange.
Into the Olympic Village, you will see a seat stadium and a shoulder, hand in hand, as
close as brothers. Facilities all around the computer-controlled, intelligent robots one
by one from warm hospitality to guests, as well as "automatic Picking net" and "open
referee," and so high-tech products, simply become a modern and magical palace.
Maybe then, you can appreciate the "persons other three days, with admiration," the
true meaning.

 respect for the Olympic Games President, this is a long time hidden in my heart the
words and hope you will bear in mind. 2008 August, our beautiful country will be
open to the embrace of her mother, to accept forward to your arrival!

 as one of the descendants of the Chinese Olympic

 2004 年 11 月

 Instructor: Tu Yingying

 Submission :2005-8-1614: 35:03
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