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									Thought-provoking phenomenon phenomenon phenomenon

 careful consideration of the phenomenon of writers Ms.

 thought-provoking phenomenon

  thought-provoking phenomenon
  Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, ginkgo flower lapel Primary School Literary Society
of five (5) classes Lu Rui
  one of the four ancient civilizations of China, has a long history, rich cultural
landscape, is recognized as the "ceremonies" . Can see the eyes of foreigners in China
is what a civilized country. However, we inadvertently discovered that being polite
and civilized people of our generation who gradually fade away.

  I remember once seeing an article in the newspaper to the effect that there is a
Chinese writer to Japan on business, as is the first time to go, unfamiliar with the
place, newly hatched airports lost. So he found a lady to ask the way, happened to the
lady does not know the way, the writer was very disappointed and women just about
to say goodbye, the woman said to him to wait, and then ask one run while crossing
the road, Mr. The gentleman happened to not know, ladies and turned back to ask
passers-by next to a row ... ... so asked six or seven individuals, only two children.
When the lady, smiling when the line told the writer that she is sweating profusely.
Writer was deeply moved and touched me, I could not help but ask: If it is in the
country, foreigners asked me the way, I would like this lady do it? Maybe I'll shake
his head left, maybe ... ... As a Chinese, now is the food for thought?

 look at China, have large cities Fortunately, in some medium and small cities of the
street, spitting everywhere and say a lot of people swearing, littering the phenomenon
of residential area despite repeated prohibitions, fork through a red light in traffic
have occurred ... .... No wonder some foreigners look down on Chinese people,
economic backwardness is secondary, the quality is fundamental. As Chinese, we
should feel ashamed! As a Chinese, this phenomenon should also be worth
considering. If you want the Chinese name echoed around the world, then to re-enable
China to become a "ceremonies", from ourselves and from now!
 Instructor: Wu Hongxiang

 Submission :2004-4-12
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