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					This is an interesting picnic a picnic

 is really a fun picnic

  This is an interesting picnic
  fifth grade four classes in September Automorphisms
  on the 13th, Choi teacher to lead us to picnic along the way we laugh, and I feel very
  to the destination, we found a few stones barricaded the stove, the pot rack in the top,
put firewood point start cooking fires. After a while on the hot pan, pour oil teacher
call you up, followed up look inside dish. Female students were in constant mixing,
but ten minutes was the first course on the leaves the pot. Look at the Wang Kehao
group three of them do? They do eat ready-cooked food, took out a chicken to roast
on the barbecue, chicken skin on Zhanman the ashes. Followed by grilled sausage,
ham it could be dropped to the fire, really double whammy ah! Our side of the
cabbage and have been placed before the rape. Now preparing fried potatoes, has been
placed on the oil, chopped scallion, salt, immediately put potatoes, flavor bursts come
to Hong scoop up! While we appreciate the Yellow River water, while waiting for
dinner, looking at the myriad of Yellow River, in the brilliant sunshine sparkling in
front of all this is really fascinating! Then heard someone shout: "Take bowl!" This
woke up my children to God. "Delicious!" I eat a variety of cooking and sausage, I
feel really happy! Wen Hao Wang Kehao thin then go to chicken Chiqu group, but he
accidentally got a huidui confused chicken, he peeled off the chicken skin to suck up.
  we all fed, clean up the battlefield in their own, picking up litter in picking up trash,
moving rocks moving rocks ... ...
  The picnic was great fun!
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