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 toy to talk about them some

 toy talk

 toy talk
 plant materials Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province Primary 6 (2) Zhu Yu
 at a garbage dump, there are a bunch of other places and had just come from broken
toys. They are from a wealthy family out of the trash neighborhood. They are all
broken arms and legs of the toy, those limbs were cast in the lumber. It is not a small
master toy.

 between them in the garbage heap with bitter complaints. A cloth doll, said: "Look, I
just bought more than 10 days, the body had been scarred. Only a small beginning, so
the owner does not treat me. Just bought the first day, I love him . even his parents can
not touch me look. That night, he held me to sleep. However, the next day do not
know how one thing may be a new toy, so he does not like me. he me aside and later
took a carving knife in me random disorder program. has caused my clothes in rags
and covered all over with pain. Later, He also my hands and feet were cut off, causing
me to become a disabled person. "Other toys are all complained, saying that children
on how they how the poor.

 moment, a poor family's grandfather just passed by, and found that those toys, said:
"Here are some toys, though incomplete, but as long as they can on a little patch about
to become a good toy . To be where we are pleased to play the kids. "So he put some
of these toys are picked up from the garbage heap, back home. He used water to wash
them a bath, and then one by one to help them to restore the original look. Neighbors
saw all the children who owned in the past to play grandfather to these toys.
Grandfather agreed, and children were happy to hold toys to play up.

 night, here are some toys together, they began to talk. They said: "Although the
number of kids in rags, but they are very love us, and we have very satisfied. While
the rich man in front of the children, although the dress well, but not a love, so do not
tell the future we can no longer such people to play. we here more pleased. "

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang

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