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					The voice of grass grass grass

 small lawn grass sound

 grass sound

 grass sound
 Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Shiyan Lo Rent Primary Five
Class (1) Wu Hai-Mn
 in a Saturday, I play on the grass, I heard a small voice shouting: "Big brother, you
poor poor me, do not stepped on me, OK? "
 I looked at the East see the West, not even a soul, then, there was news that a small
voice:" I am your feet! I quickly lifted feet, makes you wonder: "how is it a grass? "
 breath of a common common saw it on I cried:" Yesterday, a group of children
playing soccer on the grass in my head trodden deep body made me stand like a
scattered like . Also today you jumping around in my head I could bear no longer. We
plant could have been man's best friend, how we have lived in harmony, how happy
ah. However, now, ah, the trees were cut down, flowers were randomly taken off their
children, we have reduced to the point where, alas! "Grass sighed deeply.
 I looked at it sympathetically and said:" Do you have any pain on even though
honest! "It nodded, then said:" Some of my good friends as cover buildings are too
crowded, are homeless! "" That they now? "" Well, had died in a roadside. "It
" Now, I not only inhale carbon dioxide every day, but also breathing a lot of
emissions, harmful gases such harm to our too great! "Grass trivia will shed tears.
 I An Wei is:" Do not worry, I will be on campus to promote a number of students to
protect nature, love nature. "Bow side of the grass while excitedly said:" Thank you
very much! "
 I flew back home, fetched a basin of water to the nearby grass is watered again." So
you should be comfortable with some of the bar, next time I definitely do not come to
spoil you, sorry, sorry ! "
 from the grass has had a happy life, every day around the community decorate their
own green, brought the community a beautiful landscape.

 Instructor: high public Xin

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