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									The taste of bike wrestling wrestling

 taste of bike wrestling father

 taste of wrestling intelligent Gakuen
  fifth-grade reading and writing classes, I Tono Yan seven or eight hours began to
learn to ride a bike, but every time I wrestling.
 It was in my year-old that summer, one afternoon, the air and no trace of wind, the
weather is hot, the trees of the cicadas do not know fatigue, saying: "hot ah! Hot ah!"
Branches are listless. Then my father and learning to ride a bike to the basketball
court, I was very pleased, and my father leaning on bicycle rear seat, my hand on the
handlebars, foot pedal cars can ride every few steps, I fell to the ground, hurt .
Repeated several times like this.
  father angry: "You see, this boy is stupid or fake stupid? Even a bicycle can not learn,
you can be what?"
 I listened, and he was not taste. I perk up and continue to practice. But every time I
held my father to help Shi Hai, as long as one let go, I fell to the ground. Whether the
father angrily. No way, I can only own the car, every time down, getting up, then
down, then getting up. My face sweat Hunzhao mud, legs and arms are black and blue,
Hao Teng, Hao Teng. I completely ignored them. Finally I suddenly feel the body
about floating, sitting in the car forward on the fly, I learned. I am glad,
  father laughed, and he looked happy to look good. Me: "Dad let me ride once you?"
 I can ride a bike, and happy to eat a peach than good. I know: the one where the fall
had to stand up from where the only way to move forward. Instructor: Wang Yan

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