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									The story of a dirty sneakers shoes 一只

 a shoe story Xiaohua

 story of a dirty sneakers

 1 dirty shoes story
 Tongchuan District City of Sichuan Province reached seventh in the fifth grade class
of Chen Ying Jiao
 day home from school, Xiaohua work out the number of words, hurry End, is go out
for fun, suddenly heard the mother in the kitchen, shouting: "Xiaohua, your haste to
go out, you first look at the balcony."

  Xiaohua disappointing to come to the balcony, he saw the Chinese rose bloom is
brilliant, bluegrass Cuise For drop, shiny, its external no see what. "Mom, look what?
I know that you are cultivating flowers in the master!" Xiaohua said absently. "You
look at again." Xiaohua This saw the Chinese rose side, placed a pair of shoes, a wash,
and is dripping, the other dark and dirty. Xiaohua like: "Mom too busy to wash one,
the other too late to wash up." He was about to go, Mom said: "What do you see!"
"Nothing." "Chinese rose shoes next to you You see? "" Yes, I think it is your very
busy, no time to wash the other shoe, you've done all these activities, wash that one. is
not it? "Xiaohua finished ready to go. "I do not mean that. Think again last week, you
say?" Mom's words prompted a Xiaohua. Xiaohua think last week he said, "shoes,
socks, handkerchiefs are to wash your own, let her mother wash clothes." "Oh, Mom,
I'm too busy these days working a little bit more, you let me take a rest it, ah?
"Xiaohua said. "The teacher assignments do not you forget?" Mom asked. "The
teacher assignments tomorrow to check, did not do a good job should be criticized, I
Nagan forgotten?." "I will not criticize you?" "I'm not afraid of you." "The teacher
does not check tomorrow morning, you do not do homework you? "

 Xiaohua know what was wrong, took Nazhi dirty laundry shoes to the stage, too, and
her mother wash wash as clean as that shoe.

 Supervisor: Du Cong

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