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									The speed of life, life speed

 life speed results so

 pace of life life

 rate of the first primary school in Suzhou 6 (4) classes may Wang

  original, I always thought that the speed of life should be quickly we go: I was more
than one slow person; sleep slowly, eat slowly, writing is also slow. Recently, however,
was my fault not having a key, walked slowly moving team, happened to see the
beauty Huoshao Yun. The results, I think it slowly better. So, I developed a sense of
the contradiction: fast and slow. The result of my hard to navigate in the brain to make
good fast or slow I am sure good.
  First of all, I found an article, mainly that there is one old and one less to Hiroshima
to sell fruit, little faster, the old slower, so divided the two shipments, each go their
own way, the result of having just a small to let the U.S. atomic bomb in Hiroshima
killed. So, my initial a conclusion: Slow good!
, but immediately there is one thing to overthrow the above facts; One time I test, see
the examination paper for a simple, heart ecstasy: Ha, this examination paper is too
simple, this cake donut I ate set, the result I written works slowly, and had just written,
not check, the class was over, although I regret to write slowly, there is no way. Test
results of all the points are high, but I was wrong because a few simple questions, test
the low score.
  I just want to conclude, when suddenly a newspaper greet my eyes: a young red light
and pieces for. I could not help but think of a reason for this which, yes, this is not
impatient is the "masterpiece" it? If he does not so impatient, a little patience may be
running a red light and was hit by a car it? Well, impatient actually destroyed the
pillar of a house, a flower of their youth.
  on the way, I gave numerous conclusions can gave overturned. Until the end, I was
suddenly enlightened: What do I mean? Well who would have to be adaptable, if has
been fast or slow, and the machine that any different?
  remark: the students in the article from a dialectical point of view the use case has
fully discussed the quick and slow the advantages and disadvantages.
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