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The patron saint of blue sky blue sky points by fdjerue7eeu


									The patron saint of blue sky blue sky station

 network of patron saint of hackers sky

 blue sky of the station

 blue sky of the station
 Pengshui three small Chinese 6 2 classes Kuo-Tung Liao
 ---------- Internet patron saint

 I do today, so tired and sweaty, a home, lying in bed will be on the bed, and I
unknowingly arrived, the blue sky of my heart stop. The station saw huge blue sky,
here is full of blue world, with light blue, sky blue, dark blue and so on. Into a look,
there are a lot of a hold on the computer expert. A hacker, the patron saint, computer
experts ... ... makes my head spin.

 I walked slowly into, see here everywhere witnessed the results of the future
development of computer technology. Suddenly, a robot ran in front of me, give me a
multi-book, asked me: "Great young man, you choose a favorite." I see that there are
hackers, the patron saint of computer experts and loving staff. I had a habit of being a
patron saint, on selected him. Then he took me into a lab, we saw many people inside.
They are carried out with the hackers see a fierce struggle.

 fight has just begun, we saw hackers continue to attack systems and networks.
Network patron who rushed to attack the range as set a trap, after all hackers hackers,
they keep their bombs invented the virus to break the network guardian of the network,
the network faster to seize the patron saint of hackers who, it is not stopping to set a
more powerful network. The struggle is fierce, the patron saint of hackers and
network with each other constantly struggle persisted more than three hours, before
the two are Liangbai with injury, caught a dozen despite the patron saint of hacking,
but still subject to greater losses.

 to see the result, I feel quite the hate anger of these hackers, I promise, to to make a
significant contribution to network security, so that hackers can not break.

 catch hackers are thinking about the design program, I not only carry out such a fall
to the ground from the bed.

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