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									The last five days of the final day

 last five days, but all

 final five days
 final five days
 Dandong, Liaoning Province City Yongchang Street Primary Six class of Wu Bin

  You see this topic, it must feel very strange, what 5 days? The five days of my time
away from the primary school examination, but can still feel though is a long five
days, because in 51 when I bought many, many parents give the examination paper for
me to do, but I was a child ah the work day than adults, more than you I know you are
good to me, but you should think about us.
  day we face is shining white of the cannelloni, the same as always I will never finish,
in addition to this there all day in addition to writing tutorial is written so that we can
not afford to carry out first so that we do not have time to exercise fresh out of the air,
and indeed the face of mountains of work all day so that we can not break, parents
will know to see points, but points to represent everything?
  wanted to go out wit that sell pork, Peking University. . . . . .
  However, we are still very small ah! If you now how to do this after high school to
college, will also face the community too! I know that parents are the expectations for
their children, women look into the phoenix, but if the future will not go to school
with the quilt stack how to do that, then you will be more difficult accompany us to
help us to do all the housework, in primary schools, there is no joy that What will I
  we have little need to made a lot of fun while we review questions of what we have
done so much, but useful?
  I'm longing for the American educational methods, the same day to play school
Jiugen paint the walls at home not only do not criticize but also to call relatives and
friends to see, but if at home we will be condemning the parents may also suffer
shoots Pork meal, that we trouble, and we would like to be outside playing soccer,
playing at home will be the computer, or watching television will not allow operation
pressure test paper we breath to.
  every night before we have a lot of things to do, but now look forward to go to bed
early dark days of hurry to enjoy the play in my dreams, that does not work in places
where teachers and parents.
  look at home, we wanted to do the housework, this thought will recognize told us we
did not expect to do the old trouble, let us quickly back into the house, but you know
what you have already hurt our hearts, do not that we say is what little you ... ...
  five days I'm going to test how these five days I had ah!
  Someone help me God, and God allows us to relax ah Let us not tired.
  prayer I have this test well!
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