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The future of food insect food


									The future of food insect food

 future of food insects compression

 future food
 future food
 Ramada of Hubei Agricultural University Preparatory School sixth-grade class Deng

  50's food in 22 century will be to a unique "reform", the reform will enable food to
enter the "new era."
  Soon, there will be people heard so much about the insect food. Because, first, many
insects such as ants, beetles, moths and other very high protein content and amino
acids for absorption into the body, and other nutrient content is also high, with high
nutritional value. Second, insect adaptability, reproductive resilience. In almost every
corner of the world have different insect presence, a steady stream of insect
generations, providing a rich human food source.
  followed by the compression will be a lot of food. Compression of food has several
advantages: small size, portable, can interpret hunger. We heard that
three-dimensional compression it! Compressed food is produced using this principle.
A box of candy can be compressed into a sugar, a box of cookies compressed into two,
but the nutritional value has not changed.
  in the near future of space food has emerged. Space food is eating less, high fever,
very rich nutrient food, such food products primarily for patients, a partial eclipse of
children, the elderly, the infirm consumption, the future will become the most
valuable food.
  people drink the beverage will not cause any harm to the human body. Drink bottle
in two parts, the above is pure drink, put the following high-pressure liquid, a bottle,
that is to drink pure drink.
  north-south all the things you can plant fruit and does not require seed, so long as the
leaves of fruit cut a buried in the ground will take root and grow lush, delicious fruits.
  food is more than just my desire, I believe my future is not a dream!

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